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PlayStation Store Global Update (US, HK & JP) January14, 2014

Each week Sony brings PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable owners new content, add-ons, games and more. PlayStation LifeStyle catalogs the PlayStation Store updates for the major regions across the globe. Check back every Tuesday and Wednesday to keep up to date with each week's PlayStation Store Update. (Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD, BioShock: Infinite, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Killzone Mercenary, PS Vita, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, Rayman Legends, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, The Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief)

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TrendyGamers  +   679d ago
Buying 4 games, spending $14.
xHeavYx  +   679d ago
I got Far Cry Blood Dragon and Killzone for the vita for $12. Thinking about getting Enslaved and Puppeteer
Bennibop  +   679d ago
Highly recommend puppeteer! Plus if you have a 3d enabled tv I think it really adds to the experience. (Best use of 3d in a game I have come across )
ABizzel1  +   679d ago
Bought 11 games, for less than the price of a new game. AMAZING DEALS. The holiday sale for PSN was mediocre, but this was a great sale. Can't wait to see what's in the Spring Sale in a couple of months. They usually have a Valentine's Say sale as well, a couple games, movies, music etc...
dbjj12088  +   679d ago
Just downloading Bioshock Infinite here.
ftwrthtx  +   679d ago
Gotta make some room on my hard drive.
fenome  +   679d ago
Same here, it seems like every other week I gotta find space for somethin' new
DasBunker  +   679d ago
Same here!

brb 1gb downloaded in 4 hours, FUUUUUUU-
ftwrthtx  +   679d ago
knifefight  +   679d ago
Finally going to play Rain.
KangarooSam  +   679d ago
Recently bought Killzone and Sly Cooper, but what are you going to do. Getting Crysis 3, Puppeteer, The Walking Dead season 1 pass, and the season pass for The Wolf Among Us for $30.49 is not bad at all!
Morgue  +   679d ago
I noticed Basement Crawl as a new game on PS4 but not available to buy yet.
Destrania  +   679d ago
It comes out next Tuesday I believe.
Morgue  +   679d ago
fenome  +   679d ago
We're gettin' Outlast soon too! Stoked on that one!
Destrania  +   679d ago
This is fantastic!
captainexplosion  +   679d ago
I bought Killzone Mercenary yesterday and about half an hour later I got online and saw this sell. Oh well. These are some amazing deals. Probably going to get Puppeteer and Velocity Ultra. Sony has been great to their gamers.
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fenome  +   679d ago
Cool, guess I'll finally try Bioshock: Infinite and see what the fuss is about. Plus, I'll connect the new controller up while doin' it, gotta love these triggers!

This game was a contender for game of the year a couple months ago in a lot of peoples mind right? Yeah, ps+ plus makes it worth it. Lol
fenome  +   679d ago
Gotta admit though, goin' back to my ps3 after getting the 4 feels like playing with a toy.. Can't wait for Infamous and some other big hitters to start droppin' bombs on it!
T3mpr1x  +   679d ago
Wow, my Vita is going to get a lot of playtime with sales like these!
ftwrthtx  +   679d ago
Give yourself a birthday present. :-)
Fullmetalevolust  +   679d ago
Can't beat Tales of Xillia for 10 bucks, Limbo Vita for 3.75, Killzone: mercenary, puppeteer and Sly cooper. Those are months upon months of gaming, :) woot!
Adolph Fitler  +   679d ago
I'm still playing my PS3.....I don't think the gap is huge enough to consider going back to PS3 is toy-like....That is just saying they are both toys really. PS4 is awesome, I'll give you that.... But when I put Far Cry 3 on my PS3, I still get totally engaged & I am still quite impressed by the graphics & gameplay....And not only in that game, but the many others I have to finish....
I'll also say I can't wait for Infamous on PS4, & that game is the 1st TRULY next gen looking, feeling & sounding game for ALL SYSTEMS. It looks incredible....But, I am still trudging through Infamous 2 (as well as a Chinese Army like number of games), & when I play Infamous 2, I am still truly impressed by the graphics, movement, gameplay, sound & such of this PS3 gem.
There is definitely a place for both consoles & presently, PS3 has WAAAAAY more to offer than PS4, as it has a back catalogue of thousands of games, in which 100's of them are truly MUST PLAY titles.

So, until Infamous, Driveclub, & some others come along (2nd gen titles), PS3 is not that far behind & is still more than playable for me... I mean, Resogun for instance....Truly AWESOME GAME, just like SSDHD & Dead Nation, BUT, there is no reason I can see, why that couldn't exist on PS3 as well...It is no better than SSDHD visually or technically in any way.
Anyhow, PS3 is no more a toy than PS4....PS4 needs to get some more titles happening, & Sony need to bring ALL those classics from PS3 PSN (PS1,PS2, Mini's & such) over onto PS4's PSN, as quick as possible...as well as bringing 4-5 MORE NEW PS1 & PS2 classics out per week, until they have close to the ENTIRE back catalogues of both on PSN/PEN. It really was WAAAAY to slow on PS3, they should have already had EVERY must have PS1 & PS2 title available on there store....
This is an improvement I desperately hope they correct on PS4 store, as the more quality content, the better the service.

I do love all the freebies & sales Sony offer.. They truly are unrivalled in this regard. They just need to hammer masses of PS1,PS2, PS3, PSP, Vita, Minis & such games onto there store, as quickly & efficiently as possible.
Rhezin  +   679d ago
Where in deh heel is Mercenary Kings?
jonnyp777  +   679d ago
Are you kidding me Sony? Just spent 4,300 points on sonyrewards for killzone to get 2,000 points back with a promotion, so that equals $23, and killzone goes on sale for $18 a week later? could've gotten another game with that promo. granted all my points is just rewards points for using my credit card, so it's not quite real money, but still......laaaammmmmmeee!!!!!
only plus is that having it on a cart won't eat over 4gb on my 32gb card, but i wouldn't've minded that for a 50% off sale.
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The_Truth_24_7  +   679d ago
Some great deals! Definitely going to buy some in a bit.
SilentNegotiator  +   679d ago
I was really considering Vita with those deals, but I'll be damned if I pay the prices on a decent memory card to hold all of those games and more for an entire generation. I'll support Vita when Sony decides to stop trying to exploit us for 1012% profit on memory cards.
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TheROsingleB  +   678d ago
Totally agree about the memory card prices. It's absurd, but at the same time it kind of weighs out in the long run with all the free stuff you're getting with PS+. It justified my purchase after a couple of months, I bit the bullet when The Walking Dead bundle was released at $199.
I use the thing daily now with Spelunky runs, Soul Sacrifice, Metal Gear HD (And now Peace Walker with the current sale). If you have a PS3 or PS4, even better reason to pick up a Vita for remote play. Check out Craigslist for those memory cards; they do pop up from time to time depending on where you are searching from.

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