The Wii U is winning the 'console wars'... in my living room, at least

Digitally Downloaded writes: "The Wii U might not be winning in the market in terms of sales, or third party support, but on the battleground where it matters most right now, the Wii U is running away compared to the other two next-generation consoles.

Where is this battlefield then? My house.

I understand all of the sales figures. I am well aware of the technical shortcomings compared to say, the PlayStation 4. I realise that third party support is floundering at best.

The thing is, after having acquired a Wii U for my family shortly after grabbing an Xbox One and a PlayStation 4, it is the Wii U that is running more than either of the other two."

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NYC_Gamer1673d ago

Its about enjoying the software that you like to play regardless of console/platform

papashango1673d ago

I'm an avid PC gamer. I have a ps4 and Wii U in the living room also.

I've noticed also that my ps4 hardly gets any use nowadays other then to login crunchyroll.

Wii U tablet controller is just so freakin awesome. Can't wait till the pc mods for it start rollin it.

Neonridr1673d ago

I have the same combo. I played the PS4 quite a bit since I got it, but that's because I wanted to beat BF4 and Killzone. However I have a huge library of games for my Wii U and quite a backlog going on. So the Wii U will gain more of my attention until a few more games release on the PS4.

To be honest, this set up works great. I have the Wii U for all the great 1st and 2nd party games, and then the PS4 for any of the 3rd party games that skip the Wii U (basically all of them :P) and then the Sony 1st and 2nd party games.

Best of both worlds.

wonderfulmonkeyman1673d ago

Same for me, except my craptop isn't useful for games and my Sony console is a PS3 for now.XD

guitarded771673d ago

Yeah, I have to agree. My PS3 is getting most of my playtime, followed by the Wii U, then PS4, then others right now. I have 6 retail games for the PS4, but half are shooters and I don't play competitively online like I used to.

I know my PS4 will get used in the near future, but it's about the games. I have a huge collection of PS3 games with more added every week, so it gets the most use. I recently got SM3D, New Super Luigi and The Wonderful 101, so the Wii U is getting a lot of use too.

First world problems... I know. But it's good to be a gamer with issues like this. :D

GordonKnight1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Right now I'm playing all three of them. Either AC4 or DR3 and some VC games on the Wii U. The Wii U is winning my gaming time, but not my living room. This because of the gamepad. It makes gaming easier and more convenient. The Kids & Wife are winning the living.

Yes, all three are great consoles.

PS4: I'm having fun with AC4 Black Flag
XBONE: DR3 is extremely fun.
Wii U: Pikmin 3, Wind Waker, 3D World, and the Virtual Console with great Retro classics on the gamepad.

I don't have a PC, but DayZ makes me want one though.

Concertoine1673d ago

whatever floats your boat
i like the wii u's 2014 line up the most

LOL_WUT1673d ago

Agreed, as it's 2013 line up was a complete joke with the exception of 3D World. Can't wait for DKTF ;)

Concertoine1673d ago

the second year will probably top the xbone's and ps4's first year as well, and that's actually saying something.
so many controllers thrown over DKCR on wii.
i have PTSD from those rocket barrel levels.

higgins781673d ago

Really, a joke? Erm, I'm sorry, what exactly makes the 2014 line-up for either PS4/Xbox One far greater?

Shnazzyone1673d ago

HEY! I'm still playing Monster hunter and wonderful 101. There's much more than 3d world. 2013 wasn't bad. Admittedly, 2014 DOES look better tho.

DoggyBiscuit1673d ago

My ps4 been collecting dust lately but when it comes to the Wii U I play it almost every day

Pogmathoin1673d ago

Why the disagrees??? Still playing 360 and Unchartered more than my PS4 and X1 right now.... Theres no games right now!!! Why people get upset over the words PS4 and dust in same sentence? Must be really butthurt.....

TacoTaru1673d ago

My PS4 isn't dusty but it is still in the box. I had it out once to make sure it worked but then put it back in its nice box until some games show up that I might want to play.

eferreira1673d ago

I have 10 ps4 titles and 4 xbox 1 titles. I wont be bored

Concertoine1673d ago

dude... why cant you people fathom that someone disagrees. maybe someone out there plays their ps4 more than the wii u, thus they disagreed. nothing fanboyish about that, it's a new console.

Heisenburger1673d ago

I feel bad.. I giggled at "Unchartered". Hah

Chevalier1673d ago

Maybe because gathering dust seems to imply it's not worth our time. It's just as easy to say I'm not currently playing it till the next game I want comes out.

clouds51673d ago

If you don't praise ps4 you get disagrees. It's N4G man ;-)

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joel_c171673d ago

Well then wipe your imaginary ps4 off with your imago-cloth.

MsmackyM1673d ago

Just because someone doesn't prefer to play the PS4 over their WiiU at the moment doesn't mean their PS4 is imaginary. The simple truth of the matter is there aren't any compelling games on the PS4 as of right now, considering it just launched about 2 months ago. And like most gamers, I would assume he pre-ordered early in order to avoid the hassle of waiting for shipments and replenished stocks. I also have a PS4 with little reason to play it at the moment. Saying that does not mean I hate your console of choice, it only means I don't have a reason to play it right now.

I don't get why people get their feelings hurt whenever someone states their preference. The herd mentality is pretty disgusting actually.

Benjaminkno1673d ago

I won a Ps4 from Taco Bell. And there's really nothing that interests me at all. It's not going to stay that way.

I'm pissed that all my Ps3 downloads don't transfer: Why does Nintendo transfer VC games but Sony doesn't transfer their games?

There's not much to play on Ps4 besides Knack, Killzone, and a few on PsxPlus

WiiU has all kinds of games right now.

danny8181673d ago

yea in yours lol
well ima get one eventually to get my Mario fix. im sure the wiiu will get popular once the year goes by

jdevcaelistis1673d ago

I would have to agree... When I wake up on a lazy sunday I feel extra high tech grabbing the game pad and browsing netflix or the interwebs whilst making my coffee... Almost jetson's like..

AWBrawler1673d ago

i know that feeling lol