Two Beautiful Project CARS Gameplay Videos Star the McLaren MP4-12C Lapping Nurburgring and Spa

Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS is definitely taking the hearts of many racing simulations fans by storm, and today two more videos of the beautiful upcoming game appeared, starring the sleek McLaren MP4-12C.

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memots1678d ago

This is pretty Epic stuff.

Getting more and more hype for this.

GarrusVakarian1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Woah, wtf is up with the car sounds? It sounds so digital and fake. Seriously, ive watched gameplay of this game before but i don't remember the cars sounding so bad. Car sounds are a big issue for me in driving games, it can be a deal breaker (It's one of the reasons im not too fond of Gran Turismo).

Visually though, it's stunning. Love the DOF and the fact you can see the drivers helmet. I also love that you can feel each bump and jolt of the car and every sound of the road.

Edit: Just watched some youtube clips, none of them sounded as bad as i don't know what's up with this one.

ProjectVulcan1678d ago

The 12C's sound is about as engineered as it gets anyway.

The exhaust and acoustics were precisely chosen and filtered for the car's note. It seemed a little sad to me they had to do it but most major manufacturers do these days, which can make many sounds rather artificial.

The 12C can never sound as good to me as something like the Gallardo's V10 or the 458's V8, even if it is technically more accomplished

SaturdayNightBeaver1678d ago

dat mclaren sound , just amazing. they should seriously stop teasing us everyday omg.

boeso1678d ago

Any solid date yet for this pup?

mandf1678d ago

how long has this game been in development?

Xristo1678d ago

Vaporware? It's available for everybody on PC right now. Heck, I've had it for almost a year. Yes, it's "Early Access" but not Vaporware.

mandf1678d ago

Thanks for the reply. It just seems so long ago that they announced it. It has a long cycle of development.

aliengmr1678d ago

Vaporware implies that nobody, outside the developers, has had access to a working build of the game. This is completely false.

Knushwood Butt1678d ago

Looks nice, but I'm far from being blown away.

Is the second video deliberately supposed to be footage from a camera placed in the middle of the cockpit? If so, fair enough.

Abriael1678d ago

You can change the camera position. There's even a "helmet" camera that simulates you wearing the helmet and obscuring parts of your vision.

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The story is too old to be commented.