Alien: Isolation “Went a bit Viral” at Sega

The Alien: Isolation announcement caught more than a few people off-guard; after the not-so-brilliant Aliens: Colonial Marines many didn’t expect Sega to greenlight another Aliens game. In an interview with EDGE, Creative Assembly’s Alistair Hope and Jude Bond reveal how a tech demo they prepared for SEGA which “went a bit viral” within the publisher sparked a sudden interest in making a game based on the original Alien film.

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linkenski1678d ago

I'll laugh so mega-hard if this game is a piece of trash when it comes out! I'll probably laugh till I choke and die >:D

Alexious1678d ago

So you hope a game fails? Just because another one from another developer in the same IP failed?

spaceg0st1678d ago Show
Kurylo3d1678d ago

yea but wouldn't you enjoy laughter.. and therefore want it?

-Foxtrot1678d ago

When did he say he hope it would fail, he just said he would laugh if it ends up flopping with people being suckered into this again

Alexious1678d ago

I think your reading comprehension might be the one that needs questioning, dude. How could he possibly both hope that a game doesn't fail, when the only thing he writes is "lol I'll laugh so mega-hard if this game is a piece of trash I'll choke and die".


SaturdayNightBeaver1678d ago

anyways , there better be some guns in this game!

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Summons751678d ago

Have you seen the gameplay for it's not like Colonial Marines or the AVP games. This actually goes to what the movie tries to achieve, taking a page from Amnesia. No guns, no way to defend yourself...TRUE survival horror.

I snickered and doubted this would be good until I saw the gameplay. So don't be so cynical just yet.

-Foxtrot1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

No offence but your forgetting that Gearbox made Aliens CM look good before release and I mean real good, so what's stopping these guys from doing the same

We honestly won't know what the game is actually like until it comes out.

People have a right to be sceptical

Summons751678d ago


Actually I knew that Colonial Marines was going to be crap back when it was announced, went quiet, got delayed multiple times and changed it's gameplay a few times.

Hell I was in high school waiting for Splinter Cell Conviction when I heard about CM...

This hasn't had any of that happen yet....or had Gearbox touch it for a dirty fix up and toss out. It was also officially announced recently with two years of development behind it.

People CAN be sceptical but outright expecting it to fail because of A:CM when most of them haven't even seen the gameplay yet is just unfair to the developer who's worked hard on this.

Codewow1678d ago

That's kind of, horrible.. If I will say.. What if you were the one developing a game and you had to take all that criticism... It probably wouldn't feel good or help you in the short-term...

imtheman20131678d ago

The 4 minute video of some gameplay actually looked promising. Based on that footage, I could see myself jumping at some of the moments showcased. Like when the player turned around and the Alien was just walking down the hall towards them; that would freak me out big time... lol

JohnnyTower1678d ago

I never thought this game would be so polarizing. People either love it or hate it with a fervor. I'm more of a wait n see kind of guy.

-Foxtrot1678d ago

"I'm more of a wait n see kind of guy."

Then you are a smart man with common sense kind of guy

StifflerK1678d ago

Looks really promising - I hope it turns out to be a great game .

skydragoonity1678d ago

I've been playing aliens since snes days, whether this is good or not I'll play it to satisfy my curiosity as a gamer

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