Castle Doombad Review | Hardcore Gamer

Hardcore Gamer: At this point, it really seems like there are more tower defense games than there are potential customers to buy them. They seem to be an easy game for most novice studios to churn out, and there aren’t too many tweaks you need to make to what is already a wildly successful formula. In the time it takes Google to finish putting together the search results for “tower defense games,” six more are made and none of them are any good. It really is close to becoming a saturated genre, and with so little innovation coming along it is hard to recommend any new tower defense games as you’ve probably played them already. With all that being said, Castle Doombad is a new tower defense game that really deserves some attention if you have some interest in the genre. It might not really have much in terms of innovation and there are certainly more challenging games on the market, but this is a perfect little distillation of everything you like about tower defense games in the simplest, purest terms.

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