"Leaked" GTA V PC Footage Confirmed As Fake

Junkie Monkeys: "The video is fake and has also been taken down due to a copyright claim by Take 2. As multiple redditors have pointed out it was footage taken from a video posted on Youtube back in September."

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jayswolo1618d ago

Scene in question starts around 1:40

cyguration1618d ago

If it's fake, why would Take 2 pull the video down? There are a ton of fake GTA videos out there that haven't been taken down.

KonsoruMasuta1618d ago

Even if they didn't take it down, it would be confirmed as fake. The footage was taken from a YouTube video that was posted in September, as stated in the article.

jayswolo1617d ago

Maybe they didn't know then, what we know now? This wasn't clarified until the next day.

rajman1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

So the September video that proved it was fake was also taken down due to "spam, scams and commercially deceptive content" lol Take 2 are sure going after these Fake videos...but why have they started caring now? there has been plenty of Fake GTA V videos on the past that they did nothing about

cyguration1618d ago

Yeah my thoughts exactly.

There's still a really popular fake GTA 5 video (amongst many) still out there. So why are they shutting down these particular videos?

Like the one here:

8 million views and no takedown. Seriously? Are we just abandoning logic and common sense at this point?

Nafon1617d ago

Well the video you provided is a bit different because it is obviously fake and doesn't actually use any copyrighted material (other than the name GTA), whereas the video from a few days ago and maybe the September video (I didnt get the chance to see it before it was taken down) contained real footage from GTA V. I'm hoping it's real, but i wish i could have seen the september video...

jayswolo1617d ago idea why that video was taken down. That was completely legit.