MONG's Game of The Year Awards

The writer's over at Middle of Nowhere Gaming fought it out, and picked their games of the year!

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HebrewHammer1680d ago

200 Game of the Year awards and counting.

NukaCola1680d ago

Naughty Dog has like 500 or 600 They deserve so much credit.

Kings among the game developmental community. Well done. *stern proud golf clap*

Ezz20131680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

210 GOTY awards now
pretty amazing and incredible
how it did that in a year that have bioshock,GTA,Mario,Zelda,Batma n,Tomb Raider,Assassin Creed etc

skydragoonity1680d ago

Naughty dog.... Making great games since crash bandicoot on the ps1

ExtoVert1680d ago

Those dogs are just naughty

TheTrooper1680d ago

I just want to thank y'all for reading, we put a lot of hard work into that list.

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