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mdluffy1679d ago

Finally took ages, I love the games don't get me wrong... but I have to replay the first episode to refresh my memories.

VanguardOfCalamity1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

this is purely speculation on my part(along with others) and not to spoil anything - but there is a certain character that is seen around every crime scene that many started to think was the killer and then there was a big delay for Episode 2

<takes off tin foil hat> just sayin :3

<edit to add link> contains spoilers

Mikefizzled1679d ago

Disappointed how long it took but I fell off my chair in excitement regardless.

Ozmoses1679d ago

buying the season pass tonight when that PS+ discount hits.. I got the first episode before the season pass was available, but now with the discount this week I can save a little.. it's $13.49 I believe

jdevcaelistis1679d ago

It did take awhile.. I hope that translates into a more polished experience. I loved the walking dead. This series seem much more fitting to the adventure genre. I mean just the shear amount of character back stories was amazing. I can't wait.

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