How Creative Assembly convinced Sega to greenlight Alien: Isolation

EDGE writes: "After finishing Viking: Battle For Asgard, Creative Assembly’s Alistair Hope and Jude Bond worked together with a small team to develop a survival-horror prototype designed to sell Sega on the notion of letting them play with the Alien brand it had recently acquired."

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1502d ago
Irishguy951502d ago

At least they're a good dev for the most part. Weird them making a FP Horror game though. New territory? Well looks like they're doing alright anyhow

Stringerbell1502d ago

Well if at first you dont succeed...

YoungKingDoran1502d ago

I enjoyed Viking: Battle for Asgard back in the day. One of my first PS3 games which really took advantage of the new power

Ashunderfire861502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Wow am I the only one surprised they leak the release date for this game? I can't wait for November, Wish it was in October for Halloween.

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