TitanFall: 6 v 6 A Strategic Style Of Multiplayer You'll Likely Enjoy

So you’ve played Battlefield, you’ve played Call of Duty, but how about a fresh first-person shooter? This March, Respawn Entertainment will present a new IP to the world of gaming: Titan Fall. By placing a 12-player cap on multiplayer mode, the company is taking an unconventional—and widely unwelcomed—gameplay approach. But could Respawn’s cap actually spell more fun?

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Hatsune-Miku1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

im quite sure they want this game on every modern console now due to the backlash of having such low online player count, and running in 720p. i wouldnt be surprised if theres a ps3, ps4 and ps vita version in the works and due to be released later this year. i was tempted to buy a pc version when the games out but i dont understand not upping the player count online with higher resolution especially when pcs are capable of a lot with proper hardware parts.

this game should have been made for high end pcs first and then ported to consoles, whichever ones. i dont mind much that its not on ps4 and ps3 because i could get the pc version which i figure should be the superior version, but ive lost a lot of interests in this game since ive learned that this game is being ran on pc like its a last gen console game. ill still keep an eye on this game but hype for me is down

NewMonday1562d ago

fewer gamers want it after knowing the MP is full of cannon fodder bots, so it is not a surprise EA cashed in the guaranteed money from MS.

NYC_Gamer1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

Titanfall could still be successful regardless of player count long as the gameplay offers pure quality..

1560d ago
KingDadXVI1560d ago

You do realize that this game is exclusive to MS right? EA has already said that it will not be ported over to other hardware.

The player count has nothing to do with the hardware. If the hardware was a problem then you would not have 64 players on BF4. The version for the 360 is a port being worked on by a separate group. They tested gameplay at levels from 2 vs. 2 all the way up to 12 vs. 12 and decided that the best gameplay was at 6 vs. 6.

The reason for that was they wanted people to be able to survive long enough to actually get a Titan.

Go troll the PS4 site.

Bonerboy1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

....but MS had to get their mitts on it first and keep it all for themselves. Fair enough MS, I cant fault them for that move.

If it were brought to PC first, then the internet, or more specifically n4g, wouldn't be awash with millions of voices of the self entitled console crowd crying afoul by the way of incessant whining and bitching that 'it just isnt good enough', and 'we wont play it' and 'MOM! gimme my Jr. Juice' but I digress. I ask you this, where would we all be then? Where? I ask you, my good man. Where?

gameonbro1560d ago

other than the idiot post im still trying to figure wth player count has to do with what platform its made on regardless isnt the player up to the developer no pantsy fanboys. i mean if they want to do 6 vs 6 why is everyone bitching. could it be that they didnt want to make bigger maps to accommodate more than 12 titans on the screen at once? all bigger maps is good for is people that love to camp and snipe.

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Ripsta7th1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

The last of us did alrite with 4 vs 4

rbluetank1560d ago

maybe everybody should not get a titan. I get a titan because I killed more AI bots then real players. this do not sit well with me. how do you put a video on youtube showing off your "Mad" skills when you are killing off more AI bots then actual players. there is a mode in black ops 2 like this. I can get any kind of kill streaks back to back. when I play against real people, I only get couple of lame ashstray killstreaks.... I am hoping they have time to fix this.. I will have to pass on this game. Sony might need to revisit StarHawk. Titan Falls looks like a revised Starhawk to me...

1560d ago
n4rc1560d ago

Here's a crazy thought..

Its fun.. Its a game.. Your delusions of being a YouTube star doesn't factor in.. Lol

I'm not trying to be harsh.. But seriously.. Caring about pointless crap like that is why cod sucks so much now