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Hardcore Gamer: The Viking-inspired world of The Banner Saga is in something of a bad way. The Gods are dead, but that’s old news. More pertinent is the fact that the sun has inexplicably stopped, trapping the land in a cold, endless twilight. A caravan of Varl – giant men with horns sprouting from their skulls – sets out for their homeland of Grofheim with Ludin, the Prince of Men, in tow. It’s hoped that he will help to shore up the fragile alliance between the races, but only days into their journey they find themselves beset by the Dredge – an ancient and powerful enemy long thought extinct. The heir to the Varl throne is killed in the opening skirmish, leaving an uncertain army under the command of Hakon, his right-hand man.

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ChaosKnight1592d ago

This game is so gosh darn beautiful.