Lords of the Fallen: Adroit Gamers Preview

Adroit Gamer shares its preview of Lords of the Fallen set for next generation consoles and PC in 2014.

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richierich1676d ago

Still no gameplay footage?

SwankTribal111676d ago

Not as yet, I thought we'd have seen some gameplay by now given this was showcased last year at Gamescom. Lets hope we get some gameplay soon.

Roccetarius1676d ago

Maybe there's a chance we'll see something at GDC or Pax East? Some gameplay would probably open people's eyes.

SwankTribal111675d ago

Lets hope there's some gameplay at GDC or Pax East, we'll get a better understanding of the game especially due to the games executive director stating the games based on its real time tactical gameplay.

fenome1676d ago

Definitely agree with everyone above, I wanna see how it moves. I want fluidity in combat, that's what makes or breaks these games for me