On PlayStation Plus, the best value in gaming

PlayStation Plus is a hard value to argue with when the numbers begin to stack up. In this piece, Will quickly dissects just what makes PS+ so great for current console owners and those that may be looking to getting the PlayStation 4.

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admiralvic1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

"Will quickly dissects what just makes PS+ so great for current console owners and those that may be looking to getting the PlayStation 4."

It gives free* games...

Why do so many people want to talk about this subject? Almost everyone knows PS Plus is a good deal, which is why so many people adopted it. It's not like you can find a new angle to explain how free games is a good thing when the simple statement alone proves that point.

* Free in the sense you need the subscription to play said free games and not in the sense that they're yours forever with or without the subscription.

GarrusVakarian1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

I'll be the first to say that PS plus is amazing value (because it is), but i doesn't compare to steam, not even slightly.

WitWolfy1647d ago

It has its moments. The other day I bought GTA IV and LCS for like $7. Now thats a steal!!

dolkrak1647d ago

It gave me more free AAA games than Steam, so it's actually a lot better than Steam.

BoNeSaW231647d ago

Why is steam so good? I do not game on PC. Have no idea about how it works. Do you get free games? What has been free?

I had the impression it was just a marketplace with good sales, free updates, and cloud saves. Yes, no?

WalterWJR1647d ago

Wow Lukas actually bigging up a PC service over console. Have I died and woken in an alternate reality?

Anywho I don't know why you compared them as they are a complete different service. You have to compare steam to the PSN store paid games.

GarrusVakarian1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )


Lol yeah, i guess that is pretty strange for you to see. People think i hate ANYTHING that isn't pro-Sony, but it's not true. I never say things just for the fun of it, i say it how i genuinely see/perceive it. I don't hate on PC, that would be stupid, i just hate the elitists.

On topic: I think you can compare PS plus with Steam, both offer digital game downloads, both have sales. And when it comes to sales, Steam is unbeatable, every Steam user or person who is friends with a Steam user knows this.

BALLBAGS1647d ago

everyone is comparing it to steam,why has noone compared it to xbl aswell ?

GarrusVakarian1647d ago

@Ballbags (lol @ your username)

Probably because XBL isn't worth mentioning. Steam beats XBL even more than it beats PS plus.

SilentNegotiator1647d ago

"but i doesn't compare to steam"

And Steam doesn't compare to PS+ with its amount of free games.

GarrusVakarian1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

@silent negotiator

But they aren't free......

You all know me....huge Sony fan, but im still going to say it how i see it, you pay for PS plus games, they aren't free. They are great, really good value for money and PS plus is by far the best service on console. But it still doesn't compare to Steam when it comes to value.

Steam is free and has crazy discounts, 75% off regularly, cheap bundles, flash sales, holiday sales. On top of that, games are cheaper at release too compared to PSN and XBL.

SilentNegotiator1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )


The point is that there is no equivalent on Steam. They're "free" but they're still free as long as you're subscribed.

All of the discounts are great Steam but that still doesn't make it any sort of comparison to what PS+ offers.

tommygunzII1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

I can play and experience more games through Plus at a lower price than Steam.
You cannot experience over 100 games for $100 on Steam, including AAA games. I have had Plus for 2 years and have almost 110 games from it.
Right now Bioshock Inifinte is $39.99 on Steam, almost the price for a year of Plus. With what you pay for Bioshock right now I can experience around 40 games, including Bioshock.

After you buy a digital game it's value in most cases is $0 regardless of where it came from.

indyman77771646d ago

Lukas_Japonicus I have not used steam I'm guessing most people here have not so don't take the disagrees personal. But the plus is amazing for the console gamer. I just finished infamous 1 & 2. Not second son. For me 1&2 was soo good that second son will be my first prepay in awhile!

ftrain1646d ago

You must be joking, PS+ stomps steam into the ground, that's coming from someone who has been using steam since 2007 and has a ton of games on it.

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CaEsAr-1647d ago

So what? it's better than giving you a worthless (Or maybe $2) 6 years old game, which is Rainbow Six.

benzopil1647d ago

They are free for subscribers. If tou are a subscriber you can download them for free.

ABizzel11647d ago

I'll say this. PS+ and Steam are amazing services and both offer great value. Steam offer more sales and lower prices than PS+ does, since they simply have more content to distribute. Steam is free to down load, and with Steam sales you can get the years best games for $5 - $10 most of the time.

PS+ has similar offerings on their better sales, generally ranging from $5 - $15 for the years best games. However, PS+ has the added benefit of offering free games to download each month with your subscription, and best of all that 1 subscription works over 3 different platforms, and if you have all 3 then it's easily one of the best values in gaming.

Steam: Is the best value for a single platform.
PS+: Is the best value for gamers who've fully invested in Sony's 3 current platforms.

iceman061647d ago

Exactly THIS!!! IF you have invested in PS3, PS4, and Vita, then you'd be a fool not to have this service. Steam has had the opportunity to grow and become what, I assume, those that launched it wanted it to be. PS+ is still a newborn. It will take time (and investment by both Sony and gamers) before it grows into what it is supposed to be.

jjonez181647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

I've never heard PS+ explained so well.

To me, ps+ seems like the best of both worlds(for lack of a better phrase). Giving 4+ games a month across all three platforms as well as offering the occasional flash or holiday sale.
You could also create separate regional accounts with ps+ to take advantage of their instant game collections. There are some games/discounts that never make it west that are worthwhile. Look at JP Ps+ for example.

Back-to-Back1647d ago

"PS+: Is the best value for gamers who've fully invested in Sony's 3 current platforms"

lol you dont need to invest in all 3 platforms to benefit greatly from ps+

ABizzel11646d ago


I didn't say you need all 3, I said PS+ is the best value for gamers who've fully invested in all 3 Sony platforms. Meaning if you have all 3 PS3, PS4, PSV, then PS+ basically covers most of your gaming needs with a simple $50 / yr. subscription, and this works perfectly for younger gamers who can't buy their own games, and have to get 1 - 2 games for their birthday, Christmas, and maybe a random day where their parents are being generous.

PS3 can survive off PS+ alone. PS4 can't as of now, but it's only been about 2 full months, PSV is starting to get rolling like the PS3 did last year. So If you have a PS4 and PSV only, then you're not getting the full benefits of PS+. If you only have a PS3, then you're basically set. If you have all 3 then it's probably the best service out there.

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jacksons981646d ago

As a person with a 200+ library of Steam games I can say PS+ is still a better deal.
When you think of what you get across 3 platforms Vita, PS3 and PS4 for $50 a year it's almost ridiculous. I really don't understand how Sony can possibly be making money with it.

ABizzel11646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

They simply pay a license fee to get the game exclusive for 1 month or so. Generally they games they pick, while fairly new, aren't doing big number anymore so as a developer what do you do. Say no, and still make no money off the game, or say yes make a nice check, and give your game more exposure to people who didn't buy it, and the chance to pick up some more sales when if a sequel comes out.

The check Sony's writing is probably a couple hundred thousand - no more than a million for a fairly well received AAA game, while smaller indies games probably get a few thousand. The exposure and potential future sales is the sticking point.

I've personally been a "VICTIM" of this scam. :D
There were games I would have never bought, but after trying them free on PS+ for free and enjoying them, I made sure to buy the sequels Day 1.

dlocsta1646d ago

I do not have a PSanything so this is just a question out of curiosity. How do you take advantage of the games leased on for the PS+ on a PS4? I assume this is part of what the new online gaming initiative by Sony is to address but for the folks going from a 360 to a PS4 how do they take advantage of the games that are available?

admiralvic1646d ago

Well, Plus is now used for online, so you get online with it. Sony is also giving away PlayStation 4 games, which is awesome, since they're all "first run" games so far. By this I mean, all the games were made free since release, so there was no chance of paying for them before they were made free. Hard to say how this will change going forward, but so far it's better than how they handled the Vita launching.

Azzanation1646d ago

It may give free games but the service isn't free, making it not the greatest service in terms of value. Steam is a free service and its sales are in another league of its own. Every day there are new sales and the library of games is easily in Steams favour. Those that disagree I suggest you check it to believe it.

No subscription and Online makes the games yours completely, no rental or subscription BS with Steam.

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xJumpManx1647d ago

Based on bang for buck
Based on pure bang for the buck.

Skip_Bayless1647d ago

PS Plus is the best value and that's final! You can keep living in your own parallel universe.

_QQ_1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

LOL what?
Steam>all, noone in their right mind would say otherwise.

snipab8t1647d ago

Do you even have steam, or are you at least aware of the offers that are available on steam?

And before you ask, yes I am aware of the PS+ offers.

Irishguy951647d ago

Not really, PS+ doesn't let you choose the games. Steam has 75%+ discounts often. Letting you get cheap *** games of your own choice

johndoe112111647d ago

I have both and I must say, even though I'm "somewhat" inclined to agree with jumpman I think that most people seriously downplay the value of PS+.

Like I_am_Batman said below, ps+ isn't just about the free games, You get a lot of discounts there also, really good ones. Right now the 14 for 14 deal that they have going is amazing. I advise anyone with ps+ to head over there right now and check it out.

I know the free games aren't technically free but I tend to look at it like netflix. Everyone thinks netflix gives you great value, well it's the same thing and it costs less. You get access to a ton of games for five bucks a month.

What makes steam really shine is the fact that you don't pay a monthly subscription and when they do have sales you get discounts on a lot more games than you would on ps+. In terms of the value of the discounts, it varies so It's tough to compare.

Both services are great and both services offer ridiculous value for money. Though I 'may' give the edge to steam I personally use and spend a lot more money on ps+. For me ps+ gives me the value I'm looking for.

johndoe112111647d ago


There is no difference. The steam service has a certain amount of games available and they give you big discounts on some of them so you get to choose what you want to buy from the ones that are discounted. How is that any different than what ps+ does? Have you ever even seen ps+? I have to ask because if you have you wouldn't have made that statement.

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snipab8t1647d ago

Would have to agree with you there. You can't beat those steam sales, I picked up Farcry 3 for $2.74 and Witcher 2 for $3.99 a week back.

Although you must expect plenty of disagrees for having Sony ranked below something else.

G20WLY1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

I don't think anyone would argue that steam usually offers the best prices.

But for free stuff? PS+ without a doubt. If you averaged out savings across both, it might be fairly close call, I don't know, but until someone bothers to do that anaylsis, I'll sit this one out, lol! ;)

xJumpManx1647d ago

Yea its sad this forum system is run by SonyMites. Much like the play on words I used to describe Sony fanboys is what I think about fan boys in general.

InTheLab1647d ago

Farcry 3 was a PS+ game and cost nothing. Only in bizzaro world does free<$2.74

If you're interested in playing a game and moving on, there is nothing out there better than PS+.

I don't think you Pc guys really payed attention to all the games on the PS+ program.

Steam= http://store.steampowered.c...


steam= http://store.steampowered.c...


You also get major discounts on the games you buy just like Steam. While the discounts won't be as deep, the free game program more than makes up for it. Go look at the list and honestly add of what you've paid for the games on Steam and tell me that it's less than $50....for current games.

This is why you got plenty of well deserved disagrees.

liquidhalos1647d ago

you set a catch 22, people will disagree with steam being better and they will also disagree with this statement

"Although you must expect plenty of disagrees for having Sony ranked below something else."

Not everyone is a fanboy, so dont treat us all like that

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Clover9041647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

A couple of years ago I would have agreed with you wholeheartedly, but I actually have to give the win to ps plus. With free games every week, steam-like discounts on games, and the overall better game library (rather play PlayStation exclusives over PC games like the sims), ps plus has made the gaming pc I built a few years ago collect dust.

xJumpManx1647d ago

I am just the opposite. My PS3 and Wii barely got play last generation. My 360 and PC were main gaming devices.

kayoss1647d ago

What games did you play on the the xbox 360 for the last 3 years? Because from what i recall the 360 exclusives were very barren for the last 3 years. If you barely played your ps3 last generation you are missing out on a lot of great ps3 exclusives my friend.
The only good game i can think of for the xbox 360 was Gears of War.

snipab8t1646d ago

You guys are all missing the main point. PS+ costs $70 a year, whereas steam is free. So yeah paying maybe $2 for a game on steam that is free on PS+ might be more, however steam itself IS free, no added cost.

Zodiac1647d ago

Seam doesn't take long to download. Maybe the writer just hasn't got it yet.

_QQ_1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Plus is good and all but it doesn't compare to steam. even if you could somehow make the money value the same, it doesn't change the fact that with steam you chose what you buy, with plus you take what you get.Also you have cases like... I already own infinite, and i picked up UC3 day one to name a few. Having an option wins.

I_am_Batman1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

I think both have their pros and cons. You can choose what to buy on Playstation Store too. It's not only the free games you get every month. There are pretty good discounted games too. I saw games like Dead Space 2 and 3, Mass effect games and Ni No Kuni for 5-9 bugs on Playstation Store yesterday. I agree that Steam has more but with PSPlus you get about 2 PS3 games, 2 PSVita games and a PS4 game for no additional cost every month. PS+ is less than 5 bugs a month so you're getting 5 games for less than $1 each every month.

Mr Pumblechook1647d ago

I don't mean to be rude lopez_josue but you're crazy! You can compare Steam & the PlayStation Store because they are both online stores, but comparing Steam to PlayStation Plus is silly because they are two different things completely. One is a store and one is a service.

I bought my last subscription to PlayStation Plus EU for the price of one full price game. With that I had no choice in the content but I have had at least 40 full price games and loads of little games that I wouldn't have discovered! Not everything I have wanted to play, but once I played and completed a full price game I got my money's worth. I bought a cheap Vita and because of PlayStation Plus I was stocked up on games to play on it! It really is terrific value my only concern is that maybe because of it PlayStation users spend less on buying games. But if you don't have much money but you loving gaming then a PS3 with PlayStation Plus should be your first stop.

sweendog1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Getting the digital copy of a game you own actualy worked out better for me. Back in May I saw Hitman absolution was available on PS+(EU). I subscribed to three months worth of PS+ for £11.99, sold my copy of Hitman for £25 on Ebay and also downloaded over £70 worth of games in addition to Hitman. I cant find a single reason why that scenario would piss me off

DigitalRaptor1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Steam is the best value hands-down. It has awesome sales regardless of having no subscription, it has cloud saves and all other great features for free. You can find free or cheap Steam product codes around, in bundles or just on sale from other sites.

PS+ is phenomenal value too, but you don't get to keep those games for the most part - only discounted purchases. Steam is the best value.