IGN Everything we know about the Last of us DLC

In TLoU's Left Behind DLC, we once again meet Ellie. But we also meet another teenage girl named Riley. So what does this new, spinoff story have to offer?

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Austin481677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

IM ready for the DLC bring it on naughty dog

FPSRUSSIA1677d ago

cant wait for it to hope its soon DLC of the year for sure

BattleTorn1677d ago

I'm undoubtedly going to get disagrees for this, but I just don't see how they're gonna pull this off - when they have to maintain the fact that Ellie hasn't learned to shoot, and she hasn't killed someone - yet.

Summons751677d ago

I agree BattkeTorn. I'm worried about that too unless you play as her friend. In also worried how they are going to make it hold up plot wise, we all know what happens to her so they need something bigger to really twist what was already told.

I have confidence that ND will really make this shine though.

Roper3161677d ago

@ Battle & Summons

Ellis talked about sneaking out of the orphanage with her best friend and they went to the mall where they were attacked and it is where Ellie got infected & she ends up watching her friend turn.

So prior to meeting Joel & learning to shoot Eliie had her switchblade from the get go and I always wondered if she got it at the mall while she was being attacked ( smashing a glass display case or something ) and that is how she escaped the clicker. So maybe that is how this DLC will play out instead of a gun you'll have the switchblade, stealth & the environments to take down the clickers?

Just a thought and couldn't really careless if Ellie can shoot or not personally I just hope it covers everything up until she meets Joel.

GribbleGrunger1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out:


The Last Of Us was a 'coming of age' journey for Ellie and the road to redemption for Joel, so we know that Ellie is going to be naive and less able going into this story. She mentions shooting rats with a Be-be gun but that's the only reference to her using any weapon in her previous life.

Her reaction to seeing her first kill (when we first find out Ellie is infected) tells us that she hasn't seen anyone killed before, or at least a human. We also know that she hasn't encountered 'the infected' in their more advanced form because she asks 'Er ... what was that?' just before they enter the teetering building.

We DO know that Riley dies from a bite and that the both of them sit it out to turn together because they see it as 'poetic', but of course Ellie doesn't turn and feels guilty, which gives her even more motivation to do what she needs to do to possibly save mankind. Clearly then we are going to only be pitted against the early infected.

Ashley Johnson has said that the combat is similar and nuanced so we know there IS going to be combat ... but what form will it take, especially when we know that Ellie has never killed anyone before.

There could be a case to be made that when Ellie refers to 'killing rats with a be-be gun' she's actually avoiding past memories of killing the infected because let's face it, she was pretty damn good with that rifle and proved to be better than David when they first meet. Practice through the winter ... 'perhaps'.

So, take away the combat and the worldly knowledge and what are you left with: stealth. Unless we actually get to play as Riley (which is definitely possible) this game is going to be even more focused on stealth than the previous game. Although Ashley Johnson has mentioned 'more fun' in the DLC, I think she's talking about the characters and NOT the story.

'Dread' and 'vulnerability' are likely to be the theme this time around and sneaking through a mall filled with the infected is something I'm personally looking forward to. I'm assuming that we'll also see her mother die which will be a nice mirroring of Joel's first scene with his daughter, and from there 'grief' will either motivate or destroy Ellie. We know it destroyed Joel and that to me is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how much stronger Ellie is than Joel.

This is how I think it will go: The opening scene is likely to be a family affair with Ellie and her mother Mary joking with each other, sharing anecdotes and the such. Riley will be seen as a bad influence. Knowing ND and the style they chose for TLOU, this will only be shown through subtle glances from Mary as the two go out together and perhaps a 'take care'.

I'd say the first part will be a scouting mission with Riley and Ellie (were we'll probably meet the Fireflies for the first time), and on there return Ellie finds out her mother is dying. We could see her comfort her mother and watch her die (just like Joel).

Riley will want to help Ellie and so suggest they head for the mall and the fair there in the hope it will cheer Ellie up and help her deal with her grief. So they set off. During the Mall scene they'll meet up with Chester (I think that was his name) and he'll teach Ellie to ride, although this scene could be in the first scouting mission and perhaps Riley is the one to tell the girls about the fair. Riley dying at the fair would be a perfect contrast of naivety and reality!

GribbleGrunger1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

Just to add. The two girls could flee the fair and seek out a empty shop were they hunker down. This is likely to be where we see the most important conversation of the game: The discussion of their imminent death and the deal they strike to turn together 'poetically'. There could be a following scene with Ellie making her way back to her home. Of course they could double up on the pathos by adding the mother dying scene at the very end. That would be laying it on think though ... It could work but I'm not sure.

I'm going to plump for:

Opening sequence. Mother and Ellie playing and chatting. Riley walks in and we see a slightly strained relationship between Riley and Mary (Ellies mother) The two will leave.

Second sequence. The two girls go out exploring and meet up with the Fireflies. This is where we'll find out more about Riley so that her death means something at the end. Ellie will be taught to ride by Chester and he'll tell them about the fair.

Third sequence. On there return, Ellie will discover her mother dying and there will be a touching and moving scene with Ellie wiping her blow and saying her final goodbyes. Riley will comfort her and where likely to see the promise Marlene makes to Ellies mother about 'looking after her'.

third sequence. Riley suggests seeking out the fair to cheer Ellie up, although obviously that's not the way she'll put it to her. They embark on the journey and gather their provisions: Food and 'The Knife'. They'll converse about life as they head towards sequence four.

Sequence four. The two of them got to the mall and have to sneak by the infected to get to the fair. It's here that we'll play as Riley with Ellie taking on a more passive roll similar to the beginning of TLOU. Ellie will be surprised at how proficient Riley is and admire her tenacity and guts.

Sequence five. They arrive at the fair and have 'fun' although it will be bitter sweet, we'll get to see the more human side of Riley and perhaps her hopes and dreams. Fairs are a good mechanic for contemplating your life and how you've grown from a child to an adult. The fun is cut short and Riley is bitten.

Sequence six. The two head for a shop and hunker down. They talk of their lives and what lead them here. They agree to die together 'poetically' and wait for the infection to take hold. This is the big revelation. We see Ellie kill Riley! Torn and distraught, we see Ellie head back home.

skydragoonity1677d ago

One thing is for certain. Naughty dog never fails to deliver