Turtle Rock Studios Say's Evolve's Goliath Alien Is Only The Beginning

iGR: "Turtle Rock Studios upcoming title Evolve has been making some serious waves since it was first revealed. The 4v1 Co-Opetitive shooter has just about everyone interested. One of the things that caught our eye earlier today is that Evolve's player controlled monstrosity Goliath will have some help."

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Game4life1587d ago

I'm interested in seeing what the left 4 dead team can do. i loved left 4 dead so much

MRMagoo1231587d ago

"just about everyone interested" is not how i would describe the mass "ugggggghhhh another fps" reaction when it was announced.

ELCUCO1587d ago

They better not think of charging separate for monsters.

KratosSaveUs1587d ago

Will this have a story like L4D or will it just he like survival ?

CELLA1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

yes i would buy this game
i like to see a skeleton monster that glows in the dark and has ghostly powers or a blob monster that has acid to eat people with

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