Square, Silicon are making StreetPass matter in Bravely Default (GamesBeat)

Friends and strangers can play a major role in the battles and world-building of Bravely Default.

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Sadie21001680d ago

I'm ALL for more good StreetPassing.

darkronin2291680d ago

Now that's how you do a JRPG demo. Took me awhile to make sense of the battle system, but now I'm hooked.

Ilovetheps41679d ago

I didn't play the demo for too long, but I just didn't understand the battle system. Hopefully when I buy the game, I will understand it better.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1679d ago

Simple Brave let you take up to 4 actions per characters or bosses.
If your BP is below 0 you will not be able to attack til it reach 0. Default increases your BP to 3 and adding Defend effects to protect you then you will be able to use Brave without losing a turn after.

barefootgamer1680d ago

I stayed away from the demo because I want to go into the game with a clean slate. Can't wait to play it!

wonderfulmonkeyman1679d ago

Just fyi, i believe you can transfer stuff you earn in the demo into the full game, and since its earning it, its not like you're cheating...

rashada071679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

transfer up to 20 villagers to the real game and there is a way to get them without street passing. It is worth playing the demo just for that I think otherwise the town building mini game takes forever.

barefootgamer1678d ago

Hmm good to know. Thanks guys!

memots1679d ago

ok i am sorry .. but .. i have to say it.

what kind of stupid name is Bravely Default ??

rashada071679d ago

Makes a lot of sense when you actually play the game, and once you do you will find the game is very cleverly titled.

memots1679d ago

I see high review and it looks cool. but yeah at first glance without any knowledge of the game these 2 words together makes zero sense for a tittle.

rashada071679d ago

In the game: to default is to defend offering a brave point which you use to perform an action. So.. bravely default :)

It didn't make sense to me at first either but after I played- I really like the title.

rextraordinaire1679d ago


Yeah they had that in DQIX too.

I came across 1 person playing it in the subway, in two years.

Those features are made for japan. They just don't work as well here.