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GIZORAMA - I never thought I would catch myself typing this, but…there sure are a lot of indie games these days, aren’t there? I’m certainly not complaining; over the last year or so there have been as many, if not more, indie games I’ve cared about as big-budget mainstream titles. This new flood of independently made content has made developers try to focus on one or two unique aspects of their title in order to get noticed. It isn’t enough to just make a game on your own and try to get it out there, it needs to stand out with an eye-catching art style or innovative mechanic. In that regard, Gunman Clive at least puts forth a good effort.

Gunman Clive is a cartoony Wild West platformer-shooter hybrid previously available for a frankly impressive number of platforms including the 3DS, iOS, Android, and finally making its way to Steam by one-man development team Horberg Productions (the name coming from its sole employee, Swedish programmer Bertil Horberg).

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