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majiebeast1526d ago

Matsuno isnt launching the Kickstarter its Playdeck, Matsuno is only doing the world and scenario's. I think its a bit of a shady kickstarter with no real gameplay footage, just a bunch of art. They didnt even have Matsuno in the video and his photo is a drawing, be cautious if you back this guys its still a IOS game that they just want to port to the pc.

Rockefellow1525d ago

I've seen worse as far as gaming Kickstarters go, but I agree. I always wait until I see how the campaign develops, how the creators react to criticism/praise, and how the targeted demographics embrace such a project before even considering giving my money to them.

...even then, I usually won't end up backing most projects. If a Kickstarter's a smash success and it's going to come out for a platform I want, why pay for it a year, if not more, ahead of time? I'll buy it when it launches like any other game.

maddskull1525d ago

I really want to see how this game will be i love matsuno's work and i want to see this game on the ps vita and i hope they bring it to the ps4. They also have other devs as stretch goals that they can ring in t the dev team.