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EA Says It Took Over Six Months To Make SimCity Work Offline

In the wake of yesterday's news that SimCity will be getting an offline version, EA has come out with a blog post explaining just how they made it happen—and how much effort that took. (EA, Maxis, PC, SimCity)

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Saryk  +   382d ago
Boo f'in Hoo. Should have never been added!
Yi-Long  +   382d ago
Exactly. they created that 'problem' themselves. The community already said we didn't want all this Online MP DRM crap from the moment they announced it!

EA is going for a 3rd win in a row, when it comes to worst companies....
pwnsause_returns  +   382d ago
they should, they influenced MS to go ahead with all of this DRM crap..
Imalwaysright  +   382d ago
They don't need MS help to implement DRM. I have no idea why people believe that 3rd party publishers were the reason why MS was going to implement DRM.
-Foxtrot  +   382d ago

I think Microsoft influenced them to be honest, before the game came out they must of known about the Xbox One and it's DRM policies, things which EA must of liked especially when they had deals going on about TitanFall, so I think EA decided to add it into SimCity because they thought we'd be living in a DRM only place now.

I think it's what made them sign the deal about TitanFall being an exclusive. They thought Microsoft was going to kill Sony in sales with the Xbox One and they also thought Microsoft would be able to staple DRM and other policies EA liked down as a standard with this gen

However unlucky for EA they bet on the wrong horse.
just-joe  +   382d ago
Took the words right out of my mouth.
DragonKnight  +   382d ago
That's funny, because hackers were able to do it in a day. They had the game working offline for 20 minutes before the SimCity online check timer activated.

I guess EA really is full of incompetence.
brish  +   382d ago
I wonder if EA is intentionally trying to get worst company in america again?!

Either way I think they're going to win!
SirBradders  +   382d ago
Bad publicity is still publicity my friend.
Crazyglues  +   382d ago
@ SirBradders

Not when the publicity is "don't buy this game"
ambientFLIER  +   382d ago
Is it too much to ask you guys to actually read the article before commenting? Or are you only here to troll and bash without any regard for facts?

"So yes, while someone was able to remove the 'time check' shortly after launch, they were unable to perform key actions like communicating with other cities that they had created locally, or with the rest of their region(s), or even saving the current state of their cities."

The problem is obviously NOT the drm check in...it's how your city affects others in offline mode.
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hesido  +   382d ago
First of all, they could have made the online portion opt-in. The way they designed it forced everybody to go online, even required the game to be saved online. I'm also told the cities are a 9th size of Simcity 4.

They made online an integral part of running the game without apparent benefits. And it may be true that removing that thing may have required some effort, but an opt-in online with cloud saves as enhancement would not have necessarily increased the development by 6 months compared to tightly integrating online for the sake of DRM and then having to remove it while making sure you haven't screwed up, the latter is obviously harder. But it shouldn't have to be removed at the first place.
DragonKnight  +   382d ago
The point was that offline was working before EA did anything about it. What this article really is is EA saying it took them 6 months so create a save ability and adjust communications. That's still pathetic and wouldn't have taken a hacker 6 months to accomplish.

It's bullsh*t pure and simple.
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NYC_Gamer  +   382d ago
EA is one of the worst publishers around and they have always done shady business tactics/treated customers like shit.
Han_Nolo  +   382d ago
I'm not entirely sold on the whole "too late for that" argument, but I do believe that if they were working on it all of this time then they should have announced that it would be an added feature eventually. But I guess the only concern here is monetary. Jerks.
TheWackyMan  +   382d ago
Does EA expect me to believe that?
DragonKnight  +   382d ago
You mean you don't?

Come on man, you know EA is the most trustworthy company in America. They won that award twice right?
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deadfrag  +   382d ago
SirBradders  +   382d ago
I can imagine 6 months ago an e-mail was sent to all parties concerned with sim city offline. 6 months later a button was pressed to turn it offline lol.
MasterCornholio  +   382d ago
The magic of DRM.

Linchpin  +   382d ago
you're still getting that award EA... It's coming!
curtis92  +   382d ago
Guys we should all feel TERRIBLE for FORCING EA to do this. Poor guys. :)
Obz  +   382d ago
juliotheman21  +   382d ago
Game should have had a single player expierence from the start. did they not see what always online did to the xbox ?
Soldierone  +   382d ago
Pretty sad considering "pirates" had it running offline in what, a month? They also already have some hacks to make the dinky little cities bigger, something EA can't do for some reason.

Why should we feel bad EA is paying lazy devs? Fans said NO to this way before it released,its their own fault.
HarryB  +   382d ago
Is the game fun? I thought about getting it.
Ol_G  +   382d ago
Simcity 4 is better you can build bigger city's and i personally don't care about the online connection with other city's
Obz  +   382d ago
No don't get it! I spent $80 on this POS only be caused it loved SC4 so much. The cities are small and the game gets so boring really quickly. I don't play it at anymore. I hate EA and I'm not going to buy there games anymore. Especially after POS Battlefield 4.
jay2  +   382d ago
It's good it's finally going offline, fix the other issues as well. SC4 all the way.
Nintenja  +   382d ago
BS. Modders did it in the second week of launch.
cell989  +   382d ago
they had to dig deep into the core of the code, the whole infrastructure was probably around DRM
Obz  +   382d ago
LOL Don't worry EA your still getting that Worst Company of America Award!

3 years in a row. I'd be very proud.
LAWSON72  +   382d ago
IMO they should not have wasted the resources if it required that kind of time, especially considering how much they love money because I dont see this paying off at all.

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