When The Golden Poo Hits The Fans: How EA Can Avoid A Faeces Hat-Trick

Dealspwn writes: "The joke is wearing a bit thin, to be honest. Oh how we laughed and applauded when EA won their first Golden Poo. We smiled thinly and nodded sagely when they received their second. But, to our knowledge, EA has never forced a single mother out onto the streets by repossessing her house. Or sold armaments around the world. Or perpetrated environmental damage on an epic scale. They deserve to be taken to task for any number of things, yet the very idea of an entertainment software peddler being ranked as 'worse' than banks, arms manufacturers, drug laboratories or loansharks is outrageous. We're a UK site with no real say in the matter, but even we can see that this is unreasonable - and that there are definitely other companies who deserve to be thrust into the public limelight.

"It's understandable, though, given that EA has arguably done little to clean up their image beyond declawing the Online Pass; sleepwalking when they should have received a clarion wake-...

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