Bravely Default Could be the Best Final Fantasy in a Decade

US Gamer - It doesn't take an advanced statistician to notice the Final Fantasy brand has seen better days -- even the upcoming spinoff, Lightning Returns, places the alliterative series title directly after the name of its inexplicably popular heroine. 

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kalkano1524d ago

I've already preordered this. I'm hearing great things about it. I know it goes back to the Final Fantasy formula, but I'm wondering if the quality will measure up with 6-10.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1524d ago

could be SE next big series if the sequel turns out even better.

wheresmymonkey1523d ago

There's no could be about it, it is. I've been playing it for weeks. I said as much in a review i wrote for it as well.

noxeven1523d ago

Its a mix of final fantasy tactics job system and standard ff turn based combat looks amazing

Justindark1523d ago

not tactics no that job system was around way b4 then play heros of light and the other games from the older days.