Shaq Fu 2: The Internet’s Hilarious Reaction to the Announcement "God Help Us All"

Last week, Shaquille O’Neal revealed that Shaq Fu 2 is in the works in an interview with GamerFitNation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Since then, news of the sequel to the 1994 title has spread like wildfire through the Internet. The reactions range from joy to disbelief, as some consider the original Shaq Fu to be among the worst games ever made, while a few genuinely enjoyed the game.

Fans posted about their excitement on numerous outlets:

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These tweets and comments are funny!

truefan11348d ago ShowReplies(2)

Yup Shaq Fu 2 is coming... unfortunately... Lol

hankmoody1348d ago

Shaq Fu was better than Skyrim, at least.... said no one ever.

LOGICWINS1348d ago

If this game has Dennis Rodman as a boss and he sings Happy Birthday as a finishing move...automatic GOTY, maybe GOTG.

Slade231348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

LMAO. you get a damn bubble for that.

raWfodog1348d ago

Maybe it'll be good since it'll be 1080p, 60fps :)

truefan11348d ago

I never even saw your comment, that's mad funny.

Oldman1001348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

1080p support will be offered in a Day 1 Icy Hot patch.

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The story is too old to be commented.