January 2014 downloadable rewards now available on Club Nintendo

This month’s digital rewards on Club Nintendo have gone live.

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BosSSyndrome1522d ago

I wish Wii U actually meant Wii U and not Wii mode on Wii U.

PeaSFor1522d ago

i wish i could find a way to use my 850points on something worthy, the tshirts are always backorder.

Concertoine1522d ago

it actually does now! you can redeem both of those wii u games on wii u but not wii. i got f zero a few hours ago

BosSSyndrome1522d ago

I don't think 1080 snowboarding is even on Wii U VC is it? Isn't that an N64 game?

Concertoine1522d ago

oh right that isnt for wii u but f zero is. that was a dumb mistake on their part.

admiralvic1522d ago

As with last month, Nintendo is simply rebranding the Wii games as Wii U games. The first game works via Wii emulation and the other game is actually for the Wii U. It's a bit confusing, but we can get into a long winded debate about what is and is not logical with Club Nintendo.

guitarded771522d ago

Yeah, I cashed in on SMB2 (Japan version) last week and it said Wii U on the banner. I thought maybe I missed an announcement/release for it, and got a download code. A little research would have shown otherwise, but they should list them as WiiU/Wii, like Sony does with Vita/PSP games. It's an easy method to avoid confusion.

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ScubaSteve11522d ago

sigh 790 coins and i can't spend it on ANYTHING. I wish Nintendo gave us awesome stuff like Japan has

wingman32x1522d ago

Nothing for me this month. They need to include more games into the rotation. I know this is the second time I've seen 1080, and I think I've seen F-Zero offered before.

I'm not saying they need to be new everytime, but more variety definitely wouldn't hurt.

tweet751522d ago

why does nintendo put games that most people own or games that no one wants on club nintendo . they should put hot new relases up there

swice1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

I wish they would put ambassador games on there, and Zelda Four Swords Anniversary