9 games that are the Dark Souls of their genre

GameZone writes, '"e live in the age of comparison. Call of Duty versus Battlefield, 1080p versus 720p, Big Mac versus Whopper. Any way you spin it, you'll have one side comparing products to their beloved brand. Nowadays, it's almost impossible for a difficult game to come out and not have the "It's the Dark Souls of..." statement thrown around. However comparing various games to Dark Souls can mean a few different things. Whether it's the difficulty, the hidden layers of story elements or even if the game's very dark in nature. Here are 10 games that can be, and even have been, categorized as the Dark Souls of their genre."

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rextraordinaire1647d ago



Someone doesn't know that Persona is a spin off of SMT, not the other way around...

HyFackingDro1647d ago

This article is stupid! Demon's Souls was harder, yet I assume the writer never played it since it was PS3 only. Not only hat but lets just play with this idea for a second, if Dark souls is an Action RPG how is Path of Exile the Dark Souls of its genre when Dark souls holds that title, Dark souls is also based in a Fantasy world so therefor it would also take the crown from Dragons Dogma (Which by the way you're showing a screen from Dark Arisen). Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen while relatively hard in the expansion section was actually rather quite easy as a whole. FAIL

ChickeyCantor1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

He simply means the harsh penalties within it's own game mechanics of each game.

Why you trippin balls?

GameSpawn1647d ago

While I agree with you Demon's Souls is harder than Dark Souls, this is our opinion based on our playstyle of each game.

I've seen arguments to why one is harder than the other, but I've come to realize this is all dependent on how you play the games. Check-pointing makes Dark Souls easier than Demon's Souls in some respects, but infinite spell casting (meaning you can spam spells as long as you can restore MP) makes Demon's Souls easier in others. Both games have one thing over the other to make them easier or harder.

The one feature that these two and some (not all) of the games in the list in the article share is that they can be unforgiving to the inexperienced. If you don't take a little time to understand and master the mechanics of these games they have no qualms having you die over and over and over again in a mindless loop. How much you're punished varies, but we can all agree you are being punished to some degree for your ignorance and inexperience.

admiralvic1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

I would call Spelunker the "Dark Souls" of platformers. I mean, the key element of the Souls series is not difficulty (as it really isn't that), but taking things slow and learning from your mistakes. Everything has a way its suppose to be done and doing almost anything else will get you killed, which you're suppose to learn from and apply to the next attempt.

Anyway, I included a video of Spelunker below.

Also, I wouldn't call Spelunky or really any rogue like the Souls of their genre, because their genre goes against the key point of Souls. You see, you can learn from trial and error in Spelunky or any roguelike, but you can't always directly apply the reasoning for your death to resolve your current situation. In this sense, some of the deaths in say Spelunky feel cheap, as there are times when you're simply screwed. In my mind, this goes against everything that people like about the Soul series, as it's all about learning and applying your knowledge to prevent it from happening again.

MWH1647d ago

Spelunky, oh dear God!

majiebeast1647d ago

Rayman 1 is the Dark Souls of platformers i finished Super Meat Boy, i still cannot finish Rayman 1.

Summons751647d ago

I beat Rayman 1.....with cheats so i suppose it doesn't count :p

I agree with you.

alejandroelputo1647d ago

Rayman Origins last level was very close to impossible


I have Beaten Super hexagon. I'm quite proud of that.

alejandroelputo1647d ago

Nice, you must be one of the greatest gamers alive.


I realize you're being sarcastic but it really was a rewarding experience. I worked at it for months.

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