Hooked Gamers: The Tomorrow War Preview

Tomorrow War is based on a series of books written by Alexander Zorich (actually a non de plume of the Ukrainian writing team of Yana Botsman and Dmitry Gordevsky). In fact, Alexander Zorich will be writing most of the scenarios and nearly all of the dialogue. The Alexander Zorich books are incredibly popular in the former Soviet Union (and elsewhere). The "Tomorrow War" series ("The Tomorrow War", "With No Mercy", and "Moscow Time", appearing between 2003 and 2006) essentially comprise a "space opera". [Expect to see it on the SciFi Channel some day.] Because of the enormous interest in that series, 1C Corporation (as publisher) and Crioland (as developer) naturally looked into the possibility of creating a game based on the trilogy.

1C Corporation has been enthused enough about the project as to develop an entirely new game engine. The game has already released in Russia, with a follow-up entitled, The Tomorrow War: Factor K. So if the game does well when the English language translation hits your local store, expect to see the expansion set shortly thereafter.

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