Massive Entertainment's David Polfeldt - Culture, Division & Legacy

GR-UK writes: We sat down to talk to Massive Entertainment's managing director David Polfeldt after his presentation at the D.I.C.E European Summit. On the table: The Division ("we didn't really know how good the game was, or if some of our choices were right"), studio working practices ("in reality I think it's difficult to make meritocracy work. But what I always say is the alternative is no good...the only option we have is going back to meritocracy, and trust the ideas to guide us to the right decision") and much more.

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Pogue19061680d ago

nice piece, refreshing to hear.

Ashby_JC1679d ago

Solid article/video with some good info from Managing Director of Massive Entertainment ..the devs that are making The Division.

I like the part where he talks about what they showed and taking the feedback from the public. He mentioned how people saw things that they didnt realize and things they cared about people didnt really notice.

So at this point they can really take feedback and input and use it for the game.

But 6 months prior to release it would be impossible as the game is done..just working on finding bugs etc.

From what I read in other articles. I wont hold my breath for this game until way into 2015.