Sleep Mode Is Portable Gaming’s Greatest Feature

Game Informer - On Saturday, I completed my first game of 2014. While it took me the better part of a week, I never turned off the console. I never exited the game or returned to the main menu. From start to finish, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds was running on my 3DS XL.

Sleep mode continues to be my favorite feature of portable gaming. Sure, I love street passes on the 3DS and remote play on my Vita, but those pale in comparison to being able to suspend my game and resume seconds, minutes, or hours later. In fact, the only times I turn off my 3DS and Vita entirely is when I'm flying on an aircraft that hasn't yet received gate-to-gate electronic device clearance.

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WildArmed1615d ago

Amen to that, which is why I can't wait for it to arrive on next gen console. I love pausing my PSP (yes unf I'm still in last gen of handheld gaming).

Any battle, any boss fight... no matter how intense, you always have a sleep button. Come back to it in days... and be surprised because you got whooped by a combo you forgot you were in the middle of dodging.

dedicatedtogamers1615d ago

I'm with ya. Sleeping a game, leaving it for the day, and then coming home from work and simply grabbing your system off the table and resuming your game in less than a moment's time: pure convenience.

Insomnia_841615d ago

I think I have turned off my Vita about three or four times since release day. It's always on sleep mode.

sashimi1615d ago

nowadays my vita is always in sleep mode too, just picked up a nyko power grip to preserve battery life even more :)

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Thanks to GBA!!

3DS is the best system ever created.
Though I need to get some games on my Vita. Had it since xmas eve and killzone is getting boring and Uncharted got bored of that in the first chapter. Unit 13 is a great game but my brother used the online pass on his vita. stupid Sony. Gotta get some JRPG.

SilentNegotiator1615d ago

Definitely something I've come to take for granted.

imtheman20131615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Sleep mode on my 3DS murders it after like, a day. I leave my Vita in sleep mode for days on end and it barely loses any battery life. All in all, though, sleep mode is quite useful for both consoles, portables, and PC.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1615d ago

3DS sleep mode last up to 6 days if fully charge. If it red battery it going to die in a hour.

slivery1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Maybe in sleep with the wireless off and that is a big maybe. My XL has lasted to the third day with wireless on and I have tested this, mind you in complete sleep mode without any usage.

I love my 3DS XL but the battery life honestly blows, yes... blows compared to my PS Vita. The Vita oddly has a bigger battery even though the 3DS XL has more space for a bigger battery than the PS Vita does.

I can play my PS Vita for a good 6-7 hours with the most demanding games like Killzone and the battery indicator is pretty accurate compared to the 3DS XL's also. I play my 3DS XL just as much as my PS Vita almost daily and for the more demanding games with 3D on, it will only last 3-4 hours if I am lucky.

Then again I can't complain it tells you this in the manual that it only lasts that long. I am just saying compared to the PS Vita, there is no comparison sadly. The Vita's battery lasts way longer than the 3DS or 3DS XL's.

I want to buy that mugen battery pack but it is just a bit expensive at the moment, I can't bring myself to pay $100 for a battery. I'll wait for it to get cheaper or just wait for Nintendo's new handheld which I am sure will address the choice to put in such a small battery.

The battery indicator really sucks on the 3DS and 3DS XL also, this is just being honest without any hate towards it just saying it could be a lot better. I can have 3 full bars and in like 30 minutes of playing get a red light, mind you I had played several hours before hand so I knew it would drain soon but the point being the battery indicator is almost pointless on the 3DS/3DS XL other than telling you it is empty or fully charged, it doesn't gauge in between well at all.

So if you aren't keeping track of time like me when you play, the 3DS battery indicator can really annoy you at times when you want more play time and all your bars just vanish within minutes.

I am not the only person who knows this, tons of threads on google about the 3DS battery indicator and how inaccurate it is.

Kefkiroth1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Agreed, I like my 3DS' games, but since Nintendo cheaped out on hardware, I figured it would at least have a battery on par with a smartphone. My Vita sleeps fine like any other smartphone, but my 3DS seems to drain out more than I'd like it to. Either sleep mode is unoptimized or the 3DS' battery is just that bad. A shame since the DS Lite had a pretty great battery life.

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