What's Going On With Lara Croft's New Look In Her PS4/Xbox One Revamp?

Forbes - There will likely be many current-gen games reformatted for the next generation of consoles when all is said and done, but precious few have been announced to date. One of them is 2013′s Tomb Raider, which is getting an update release for Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One later this year.

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mewhy321528d ago

this is a remake that I'll probably buy. However, I'll wait and get it used because I don't think that they should charge 59.95 for a lastgen remake.

Fireseed1527d ago

Well then you're going to be even more ticked off to find out that it's not even a remake. It's literally the PC version running on the consoles.

thekhurg1527d ago

Except it's literally not.

starchild1527d ago

It mostly is, but adds a few advantages and lacks a few others.

NeoTribe1527d ago

The developers said the ps4 version is superior to pc. Google it.

KratosSaveUs1527d ago

Except the devs said its superior to the PC version

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tigertron1527d ago

I for one think the new definitive Lara looks much better.

tigertron1527d ago


For a better comparison, watch IGN's new video.

bjmartynhak1527d ago

Indeed the video is better than the screenshot.

But I still prefer the more "girly" face
Anyway, taste is taste =)

SoulMikeY1527d ago

Yeah, the old one looks like Down's syndrome. The new one makes her look English like she's supposed to.

Anonagrog1524d ago

So much ridiculousness in two small sentences.

RVanner_1527d ago

I think the new Lara graphically looks more realistic (life like) But I feel they need to keep the grittiness of the original like the article said with the dirt blood etc. She looks too 'clean' in the next gen photo.

Won't know until release but from all the screens I have seen it appears they have taken the majority of the gore/grit and dirt etc out of the next gen version which is a huge loss. It's part of what made the game so immersive.

BadlyPackedKeebab1527d ago

You have to remember this isn't really a last-gen game. This is really just the PC version. The 2013 game with the exception of the new face was next-gen already.

I would get it but it pains me to pay £50 for a game I played maxed out on the PC and paid £20 for on release! £20-25 and I may have bitten.

x_RadicalAura_x1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

They took her down from a 10 to an ~8, is what they did.

Nonetheless, I'm still buying it.

Loadedklip1527d ago

I also think new Lara's face looks more botox and less realistic than my 360 copy of the game

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