Microsoft Expects To Make Another Xbox

Forbes - Will we see a Playstation 5? How about an Xbox…um…two? As soon as Sony and Microsoft MSFT +1.23% announced the PS4 and Xbox One, complete with robust cloud capabilities, pundits such as myself started wondering if this would be the last generation of traditional video game consoles. The tech to stream games has been around for a little while now, with limited success, but it appears to be getting better. Last week, we heard about Sony’s “Playstation Now” service. If Sony can put a game as good as The Last Of Us on your TV without any local computing at all, how is it going to convince people to keep buying expensive consoles?

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Death1676d ago

"As gaming options expand, people don’t lean on consoles as much, and streaming is bound to only accelerate that trend."

I couldn't agree more with the closing statement. Sony streaming their games will not have a huge impact on their core market, but the more casual gamers that tend to pick consoles up later in the lifecycle may opt for streaming instead. This could have a significant impact on the PS4's sales two to three years from now. When you couple that with the way streaming impacts retailers it can further fragment the market. Depending on how they handle what content is available on the streaming service it can also affect third party relations. The streaming model needs to compliment existing business models, not replace them. If less people buy new and decide to stream, streaming better offset lost sales or developers will go out of business or release their content where a more profitable business model exists.

JoGam1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

I think its great if Sony and MS makes another next gen system. What we need to keep in mind is that next gen systems will most likely be a lot different from last gen. 5 to 10 years from now tech would have advanced. So will consoles.

Mr Pumblechook1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

XBone Too! ; )

XboxFun1676d ago

When you have the tech to play your games from anywhere as the PSNow claims to do then why should these companies invest in another console?

I expect a full blog from a certain member about this issue by the way.

Belking1675d ago

I agree with you on that question. The problem is gonna be the bandwidth caps. Digital is the future and neither company will continue to make expensive hardware. Especially sony. They are taking a mean beating. First it was huge losses on ps3, then ps vita and a small profit on ps4 which is being wiped out by other areas. Thats one of the reasons sony is trying the all digital ps now. They are trying to make more profits by using BC and old ps titles. Its a good idea but bandwidth will keep the service from being a complete service. We can already see it will be limited and only in a limited area for now. In a few years it should be what it's really designed to do. Ms isn't pushing for streaming as hard right now because they know how limited it will be, and we know ms doesn't like to advertise incomplete services before they are ready like sony does. In about 4 or 5 years i expect streaming will be the norm, but with disc games still available.

king_george1675d ago

Dude c'mon u sound so obviously biased... not trying to start anything but u stated "microsoft doesnt like to advertise incomplete services like sony does."

But hey its not like they released an incomplete console ever right...?

Mister_Dawg1675d ago

Once fibre totally replaces copper cabling, bandwidth issues will completely melt away. Fact.

Langkasuka1675d ago

If MS had realized how limited their voice recognition and TV/Entertainment support was, they could have pushed for regional localization and wouldn't have had to cut down from 20+ countries release day to only 13 countries.

Just to note that tech is limited in various areas as well as advanced in others. The trick is knowing what's your core market got most at the home.

GarrusVakarian1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

Yawn. So many assumptions based on nothing with no links or facts to back up your words, as per usual from you.

"They are taking a mean beating"

Lol, they really aren't. Unless breaking sales records and outselling your main competitor in their own country is taking a beating now?

"First it was huge losses on ps3, "

Yet it STILL managed to outsell the 360, end up with better exclusives and end up being supported up to this very day. Your arguments are empty, biased and in most cases....plain wrong. Hence your disagrees.

You always try to act like Sony is in grave danger, but that's more of a personal fantasy of yours rather than it being an actuality. The PS4 is flying off shelves, the Vita sales are increasing and they have had nothing but increasingly good press since reveal. You should be more worried about your underpowered, overpriced X1 and the greedy, insulting, anti-consumer used-car salesmen that own it.

PSVita1674d ago

Wooooow that wall of text couldn't have been anymore blatantly fanboy BS

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punisher991675d ago

When Sony and or microsoft agree to pay my internet bill, then and only then will i agree with your point.

KratosSaveUs1675d ago

Obviously you don't know what PSnow is. Its for streaming old PS1,PS2,and PS3 games. Not for new games.

chrissx1675d ago

So we should expect xbonetwo

Whitey2k1675d ago

if internet connections gets better and better sony could stream a game at 4k without lag one day who knows what any company can achieve

KingDadXVI1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Streaming may very well have hit a serious set back in the US after the Federal Appeals Court in the District of Columbia just struck down the Net Neutrality regulations enforced by the FCC. Without those rules ISPs in the US can start throttling bandwidth depending on how the bandwidth is used. For example if you happen to do a lot of streaming which requires a large amount of data transfer they can throttle or block it for the simple reason that you are using too much.

This in all likelihood is going to lead to a system similar to cell phone contracts, i.e. you start with a basic package that allows you to surf the web and do some regular downloading but that's it. If you want to stream then you need to add that package on for an extra fee, want to game online? Another fee.

This ruling will also reduce the pressure on ISPs to upgrade infrastructure as people will not be able to afford the extra costs associated with high bandwidth online applications.

The only ones that will benefit from this are the ISPs. They can essentially cut bandwidth to any site or service as they see fit, for as simple a reason as they don't like your blog. This is a very bad ruling and hopefully they appeal and it is overturned.

brads41675d ago

(North American analysis) I think you are all over-estimating how good the streaming will be over our current internet. There's going to be latency and massive data usage going along with all this. Talk about blowing bandwidth caps, if your home is streaming movies, and now games, you are going over. Also with the US recently striking down net neutrality, get ready to PAY for these streaming services via your internet provider. They are going to be targeting high bandwidth services, and this would certainly qualify.

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