'Deep Down' Is Not A 'Dark Souls' Clone

Forbes - I write the title of this post with something of a heavy heart.

Recently, a number of posts have hit the internet comparing the visuals in Dark Souls with those of the next-gen Deep Down. Apparently since both games feature monsters and Medieval digs, Deep Down is being considered a “spiritual successor” or “clone” of From Software’s Dark Souls.

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phantomexe1648d ago

I'm personal glad to here that.

Timesplitter141647d ago

Personally I'm much more excited for Dark Souls 2. I wish it came out for next-gen consoles... I guess I'll get the PC version

DanielGearSolid1648d ago

As long as its challenging im willing to try it... It might have a casual mode, but all that is optional so I just wont use it

-Mezzo-1648d ago

So far everything looks awesome to me, cannot wait to get my Pre-Order.

Irishguy951647d ago

You pre ordered a free game?

-Mezzo-1647d ago

F* Me, This is Free?

This is the first time I'm hearing this. Going To Google right now.

GraphicX1648d ago

deep down is definitely a game i've got my eye on, but i don't expect it to be like dark souls beyond being fantasy & medieval in feel, dark souls is just too unique.

Pintheshadows1647d ago

Guy hasn't even played it.

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The story is too old to be commented.