Killzone Shadow Fall Review (ITF Gaming)

Brady Ruiters from ITF Gaming writes: Guerrilla Games’ Killzone series has always been a fairly strong contender in the first-person shooter (FPS) genre. Detailing the war between Vektans and the gas mask-wearing Helghast, the story thus far has been quite interesting. Killzone Shadow Fall is the latest addition and is the first game in the series to be launched on the PlayStation 4 console. Most launch games usually don’t fare too well but Shadow Fall doesn’t do too badly.

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mewhy321677d ago

this is one of the most beautiful games that I have ever played on any platform. The PS4's abilites are rally show cased in this game. Cant wait to see whats next.

Meltic1677d ago

agree cant wait for MGS5 and infamous second son. Thief looks okey too