I Help Make Video Games, And I'm Sick Of The Hatred From Gamers

Kotaku - Dear consumers and fans of video games,

You don't know me. But you might know some of the games I've helped create. And as I come to a close on another one of the AAA titles I have worked on, I begin to get excited for all of the people that will love our game, and I begin to loathe those who will hate it.

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Dlacy13g1522d ago

I do have to agree. I am tired of the angry hateful messages that get tossed around. I also am tired of the "its the internet" excuse. As human being we should feel an obligation to be decent to one another. If you feel a game is bad vote with your wallets and voice your opinion about the quality of the game but the personal attacks, there just is no place for it.

Chanogram1522d ago

Seconded. hope this gets approved. This goes right back to the weird entitlement that gamers feel compared to any other entertainment industry. Mass Effect was a great example. The hate mail/death threats to the COD guy who was in charge of balancing multi-player in a post launch patch. Just amazing. Then of course it makes the news, then the "normal" gamers, specifically adults (which is most of us) get a bad rap and are looked down upon by the general public. The immature brutish nature of the loud minority is ruining it for everyone.

I will say that my early experiences, for the most part, on Xbox One have been great. Pretty sure that's only because the truly hardcore gamers have spent money on the system so far. In a few years, i'm sure it will de-volve into the cesspool that current gen gaming is, and what the author of that editorial is talking about.

Ezz20131521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

well said, both of you

the thing i hate the most is how last gen brought the worst of us all
this console war BS made every fanboy of any system just waiting for the moment that one of the rival companies fail and drop put of the consoles race
so they could just feel good about them self
and there is also the moment they see a game that not on their console of choice they bash it to hell and any one who praise is a fanboy in their eyes
we got sites with AGENDA that wait for games from companies they don't like
just to review it badly and trash it

i really wish consoles wars would just die and no more Agenda from so called gamers and gaming media
no wonder why no one take gamers seriously
sorry for my bad English

LightofDarkness1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Agreed. That said, it's fair to say almost all gamers have been guilty of this at one time or another.

It's quite galling to any mature adult to see some of the behaviour surrounding videogames and their fans. Immediately trashing a game and mounting internet hate campaigns over some feature they don't like or some perceived flaw is just disrespectful to the PEOPLE who worked for years on the product, in most cases. Because that's what gaming trolls/fans seem to forget about all this: they're people. It's not some faceless corporation you're trashing. That feature you didn't like? It was a group of human beings who put a lot of work into it, oftentimes at the expense of time with family and loved ones, to make YOU happy. Then for you to turn around and tell them something like "Ugh, it's not EXACTLY what I in particular wanted, you should stop making games you piece of trash and kill yourself" is tantamount to sadism. It's obviously hyperbole, and when presented with a human face I'm sure most would not participate or even form such a thought. And that's the important thing to remember: there is a human face. You can't see it, but it definitely can see what you've written and how you "feel" about them.

I also love how it's such a scandal when developers stand up for themselves against unnecessary or hyperbolic criticism. They're people too, let them say what they want. If a fan gets to tell this guy to go hang himself, he should at least be allowed to tell people why that's wrong and not okay. The rules for that should swing both ways.

Ares84HU1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

I agree as well. But to be honest most of this hate comes from teenagers who live with their parents and know nothing of the world and haven't worked a day in their lives.

I also have the same issue at my line of work but I get it face to face and man, people have no shame. I was called everything you can imagine. Been told that the world is a terrible place because of me multiple times. My well being was threatened multiple times. Can anyone guess what I do??? I engrave things. That's right, that's all I do. I engrave peoples names on stuff and get the same level of hate that these guys get. Imagine that.

So people are just rude and nasty when they are under the impression that they are the "customer" and suddenly that gives them all the right in the world to treat the people who serve them less than dirt.

It's really hard but you just have to learn to deal with it. Every time you deal with people you will have arguments no matter what. Some people just have outlandish expectations.

Parasyte1521d ago

I know exactly how you feel and I agree with you 100%. I work in retail customer service, so I experience some of the same crap.

TO me, it all stems from that "customer is always right" BS.

ShaunCameron1520d ago


@ Parasyte

But like most voters, most customers are generally stupid.

raWfodog1521d ago

A very vocal minority of 'gamers' just love to hate on any game that does not live up to their every expectation or is not part of the genre that they prefer. I have respect for the developers that bring us these games and I also realize that it is a business and they must do what is best for the company and their resources. I enjoy gaming as a hobby and don't take it too seriously like some people. I believe that if they think they can do better then they might want to try developing their dream game themselves and stoping hating on the ones who are actually doing it.

Now I do hate on some of the publishers that gimp the original games that developers envisioned simply to maximize profits by splintering the original game into numerous DLC.

Ezz20131521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

"A very vocal minority of 'gamers' just love to hate on any game that does not live up to their every expectation or is not part of the genre that they prefer."

that's very true
it either they have a out of this world expectation for those games or they just want to hate on them just to feel badass who don't love a games most do love ....or they indeed played the games and just didn't enjoy it though

GordonKnight1521d ago

People are just more likely voice a negative opinion. That is just human nature.

The questions is why be negative? There are three great new consoles, along with the PS360. Right now is the best time to be a gamer and it's only going to get better as time goes on.

Ok, there is one negative thing. All the money that needs to be spent to have all three consoles.

AaronMK1521d ago

The days when you could buy a game and be confident you were getting a complete product, instead of being constantly nagged about MicroTransaction and DLC, were when it was the best time to be a gamer. Better graphics can only go so far.

It is usually poor management or corporate edicts that bring down a project or cause it to be anti-consumer. It's a shame the developers, who out of passion, put in lots of hard work towards creating the best product they can, are often caught in the middle.

HmongAmerican1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

It all depend on how good of the quality of the game. Less glitch, DLC and yearly release is what we ask for. If you cannot do that then you deserve all the heat from gamer. Take a look a Naughty Dog for example. They released great quality titles that raise the bar for the gaming industry. This inspire them to work even harder to raise the bar higher, because they know they had to do even better then the last. Which in term bring out the best in them and their games.

Dlacy13g1521d ago

You deserve heat for sure if you make a poor game but you certainly don't deserve hate filled messages directed at individuals of the team filled with death threats or other threats directed at their families. Telling someone you feel they made a crappy game far different than telling them you wish they would kill themselves for making it.

starchild1521d ago

I absolutely love gaming. It's been one of my main lifelong hobbies and passions.

There are a lot of gamers I have met that are great, intelligent, good people, but unfortunately the gaming community also harbors a large number of entitled, irrational, hateful people. It sometimes makes me not want to take part in the social aspects of gaming.

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360ICE1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

"Do thousands of people say they want to kill Tom Cruise if he plays a scene in a way they don't like? "


Other than that, the overall point is good. Criticising something is one thing, hating something is something else entirely. Case and point: Don't be a dick.

EDIT: Oh, this is a funny take on how hostile the Internet is in general:

WeAreLegion1521d ago

Absolutely. Except there are MORE people who want to kill Tom Cruise for that. Celebrities get death threats every time they play a role with a fan base.

starchild1521d ago

The hate Tom Cruise gets is also ridiculous and unwarranted.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

but sadly it won't stop because people are just that ignorant nowadays.

WeAreLegion1521d ago

It's every industry. Movies. Games. Books. Music.

Constructive criticism is one thing, but sometimes people are just dicks.

modesign1521d ago

if the gamers are not paying for the games then i can see your argument as legit, who cares if the games are bad, broken, poorly made, theyre free. but thats not the reality,

gamers are spending $60 on a game and to think that the game is half done, and needs to have 20 patches to just be working is bad policy and it shows in the reviews and critics.

raWfodog1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Well maybe they should be smarter with their money and read some reviews out there on the Internet before rushing to pick up a game on the first day. I know they are probably really excited to play the game but would it kill them to wait a week or two and see what reviewers are saying?

The most powerful arguments against half done games are the consumers dollars. If the game is breaking sales records the first week that it comes out, what incentive does that give the publishers for doing anything different the next time?


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