Thief Xbox One interview - the City, horror, replay value and exploration

OXM: "After an hour in the City, I spoke to producer Joe Khoury about the importance of player choice, and how Thief's universe has buckled and shifted in the years since the equally controversial Thief: Deadly Shadows."

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dirigiblebill1651d ago

This probably won't blow anyone away but it's unlikely to be bad. Looking forward to finding out what's become of the Hammerites.

malokevi1651d ago

With everything else coming out around the same time, this game isn't even on my radar. If it surprises with good reviews, I might give it a go, but after all the dev turmoil I don't have high hopes.

Between PVZ, the Spark beta, Titanfall, Infamous and Watchdogs in the spring, I'm going to need to pick my spots wisely.

memots1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Spark ? rly?

i still hit agree

malokevi1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Yeah, I think it looks like a great game creator. Really looking forward to giving it a shot, plus its free, so definitely worth the asking price. People have been giving great impressions of the PC beta, so we shall see!

And I'll agree back... as is tradition.


lol. Yeah, not so sure my feeble mind will be up to the task, but yah never know. At the very least it will be fun to play around with.

Volkama1651d ago

Spark plays on creativity. I can see Spark eating an incredible amount of time from people that like to create.

I once spent 6 hours painting a car in Forza 2. It looked terrible.

Wikkid6661651d ago

Project: Spark is a 2 fold game. There will be the people that get it to make games and the others that get it to play the endless possibilities of games.

ic3fir31651d ago

sparks its a free game =D

JohnnyTower1651d ago

I am hoping that this is a sleeper hit. I love stealth games and it seems they have kind of went out of style. The patience and planning is what I really enjoy about these types of games. I've never played any of the Thief games and Im not sure if I should preorder and get the better price on Steam.

Redrum0591651d ago

this game is a must buy for me. if this is anything like dishonored then I will be pleased :)