Why is Titanfall Using Cloud Computing Again?

Mark Reece writes: "And in true Internet tradition, the levels of anticipation and hyperbole have reached fever pitch in the months since Titanfall‘s official unveiling. Not that you could exactly blame the media and masses of consumers for that; after all, how could a brand new IP from the people who, year on year, delivered games that routinely smashed sales records and have amassed an almost unprecedented level of popularity not get people excited? Plus it has mechs. And who doesn’t like mechs?"

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QuickdrawMcgraw1466d ago

Without single player the game should be only about $35.00 right? That will be a great deal!

DOMination-1466d ago

Without multiplayer skyrim should be only $35 right?

MasterCornholio1466d ago

How many hours of gameplay does Skyrim give the average gamer?

Just think about that one.

UnHoly_One1466d ago

How many hours of gameplay to most people put into the average online shooter?

I have friends that put hundreds of hours into every single CoD game that comes out.

And he just used Skyrim as an example, the same analogy could be made for any single player game.

All the God of War games, save for Ascension, should have been 35 bucks because they were single player only, right?

Or the first BioShock?

The first Uncharted?

The Final Fantasy series?

The point is, it's stupid to say the game should be cheaper if it doesn't have single player, unless you are going to also say the same about solo games that don't have multiplayer.

The argument just doesn't make any sense.

MorePowerOfGreen1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

"How many hours of gameplay does Skyrim give the average gamer?"

Time measured in a good multi player game could be broken down into years played *vs* hours in single player. And negative articles/news/complaints is trolling. Don't like STFU and don't buy it.

torchic1466d ago

so if there are many 100%-free multiplayer games in which money needn't be spent to get tons of fun out of the game, why aren't there free single player games?

making a good single player game is far more taxing, in terms of time, money and man hours spent, than making a multiplayer game. lots of resources spent = full asking price.

MP, a fraction of the resources spent = a fraction of the normal asking price.

dantesparda1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

So most of the history of video gaming has been about the single player mode, then MP came along, and now suddenly you people expect us to pay full price for a MP game only? Throw a single player mode/campaign in there if you want the full amount. I dont buy MP only games.

Oh wait, i see, this isnt about SP/MP this is about fanboys getting defensive cuz they think their beloved game or system is being attacked. Pathetic as usual!

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otherZinc1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

You guys again, how funny.

If you guys would read...Respawn told the world the value of the cloud to the development of Titanfall, also, the reason for the player count.

Where's spawnfirsts article on "Why in the world does Killzone:SF "Not" have "Campaign Co-op"? See, co-op is basic, a feature that should be in their Flagship FPS Title.

But, that's ok "LMAO at spawnfirst", continue letting us know how biased, not to be trusted, and stupid your site is.

Looking forward to the next pos you guys write.

karamsoul1466d ago

It's funny how people love to degrade our site, based on certain articles that fanboys react heavily to, regardless of whether its well written or not, yet articles like the following receive no attention whatsoever:

Some people pick and choose the few articles they don't agree with, and condemn the site as a whole. Beautiful.

christocolus1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

At this point i dont care anymore how many anti titanfall articles pop up. All i know is that my friends and i are super hyped for this game and we are getting it day one. Two of them actually got to play it at the xbx one nation wide tour prior to launch and they loved it and cant stop talking about it,its the same excitment you see in those who have played the game too..the previews and hands on ive read have all been very positive. I know this game is going to be good.

AngelicIceDiamond1466d ago

I guess in a sense its just saddening that SP in shooters have become so redundant, so uninteresting and so dull SP in FPS at this point are just used for advertising.

But serve there purpose when you don't have access to the internet.

Yep, at this point SP FPS are just used for offline entertainment. Which is why its need now at this point.

dantesparda1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

What are you talking about SP modes being "redundant", you know whats "redundant"? the MP mode. Campaigns are much bigger, better and badder today than anything from the 8bit, 16bit and even 32bit days. Yes at this point we've been there done that a million times, but the same can be said about video games in general. How are the MP modes of these games any different? Every FPS MP game is basically the exact same thing over and over and over again. Only they have worst graphics (than SP modes), problems with lag/internet connections, whiny and racist people bastards and everybody always crying about "balance" cuz they think its unfair that a pistol isnt as good against a bazooka. Or people are complaining about camping, or sniping or shotgunners or just about anything. You people make no sense complaining about SP modes not being new and fresh or innovative or the same thing when neither is MP, its even worst!

Yeah i know MP modes are fun and all, but seriously its the same sh!t over and over again.

DevilishSix1466d ago

6 vs 6 only on the power of the cloud. The revelation was disappointing and that together with the fact that the limited edition (with Titan statue for $250) is not so limited after all or it would already be sold out on amazon, but its not I just checked. So I am canceling my preorder.

I am not ok with the lies.

n4rc1466d ago

Lol.. You do realise limited editions are limited to how many they can sell right?

Unless they stated how big a production run it was, its not a lie.. You just assumed

DevilishSix1466d ago

no need to comment the obvious

n4rc1466d ago

I don't get this argument..

Some games tack on sp or mp.. Just because.

Some games say screw it and leave out mp as its no benefit to the game.. So why can't a game leave out sp if the mp is what they want?

Sure it would be nice to have it cheaper but there is no real justification.. Unless all sp only titles we're cheaper as well.

Godmars2901466d ago

Except the argument here is that the power of "Da Cloud" is suppose to be able to deliver unprecedented graphics and game play, free up console CPU so that incredible things can be done, only its flagship title is something with 720p graphics and a 6x6 player count.

MasterCornholio1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

I wonder why they can't use the cloud to produce 1080P graphics at a rock solid 60FPS?

Answer: Because Xbox Live Compute doesnt work that way.

What does Xbox Live Compute really do?

UnHoly_One1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Haven't they said they are just using the cloud for the dedicated servers and to handle the AI?

I don't think anyone from Respawn has made any other crazy claims about the cloud.

And when are all of you guys going to realize that 6v6 is a design choice, nothing else? At no point in time did they lead anyone to believe they were trying for more players than that.

The game is designed for 6v6, just like the first Gears of War was designed to be 4v4. I don't understand how all of you people magically assume that you somehow know that it should be more than that.

It's hilarious to me that everyone is using 6v6 as an argument about the console's power. It has nothing to do with that. If they wanted to make it more than that, they could have. They chose not to, because that isn't the game they are designing.

It's silly to think it has anything to do with graphical power. BF4 is running on the same console with 64 players just fine.

They CHOOSE to have a 6v6 game because that is what they think is fun. Nothing else.

Oh, and every time you want to make fun of XB1 for making some outlandish claims about the power of the cloud, think back to how those Toy Story level graphics worked out on the PS2, or how those "realtime" graphics from Killzone 2 turned out in comparison to the E3 reveal.

My point is, Marketing is Marketing, regardless of the company it is coming from.

Godmars2901466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

MS have been saying it. MS have been promoting Titanfall as *their* game and the game to show what the cloud can do. Only now Respawn is saying what they actually plan to do with the game and somehow to their and MS's surprise gamers are getting upset that there's no notable cloud benefits being shown. At all.

"Oh, and every time you want to make fun of XB1 for making some outlandish claims about the power of the cloud, think back to how those Toy Story level graphics worked out on the PS2, or how about those "realtime" graphics from Killzone 2 turned out in comparison to the E3 reveal."

I'd rather look at Kinect and all the undelivered promises there. Milo and all the "mix-ups" advertisers have had with PC, PS4 and XB1 in-game shots. How those have only happened one way.

It is more relevant in terms of time and the company involved.

AngelicIceDiamond1466d ago

Apparently these guys are using it for something.

dantesparda1466d ago

Super secret idea for the cloud? oh please, i bet you its nothing impressive, it never is. Some of you people are so easily fooled its not even funny, talk about naive. I bet you this game "Project Cars" is going to be another let down, to much hype around it. Everything we've seen is on a high end PC. And yet people still fall for this stuff, suckers!

And why do people think Titanfall is this great thing. Its just another MP FPS game (with only 6 vs 6), COD clone with AI bots/NPC and unimpressive graphics or specs (720p?). Someone please explain to me why i should be excited or impressed?

n4rc1464d ago

"Gamers are getting upset"

So far it seems its ps4 owners getting upset about a game they don't get.

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DevilishSix1466d ago

Titanfall s being positioned to be X1's Gears of War franchise for this gen. Problem is that how ever shallow you may feel the story and characters in Gears may have been, the fact is many gamers cared about the story and characters and got invested in the series.

Titanfall is not character or story driven the developers have said so. My bet is that gamers will not get invested into Titanfall like gamers got into Gears.

torchic1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

you know I always try to look on the brightside of 6v6, I try to tell myself "yeah the devs know a lot more than you do", I try to listen to all the arguments...

but then the voice of reason kicks in and says "no"

6v6 is just not good enough I'm really sorry. I'll definitely try it out, but 6 players, and a lot more AI? after all the hype, no thanks.

if this game wasn't hyped up to its current hype levels
I'd be more understanding.

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