Spain’s Love/Hate Relationship with PlayStation Plus

GamerFitNation: Spain, a country that has heavily favored PlayStation for years, was patiently waiting the PlayStation 4′s arrival on Nov. 29. Lot of gamers heard the rumors about Sony and PlayStation Plus — rumors that gamers were not going be able to be played online without a subscription to PlayStation Plus. -Soraya Perez

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DeadRabbits1496d ago

Que? PS Plus Mucho Awesomemo

WeAreLegion1496d ago

I don't get it. What's different about Spanish consumers? We learned at E3 that Plus would be required for online play, too.

Is this article necessary?!?

webeblazing1496d ago

How bad Spain economy is right now and now you have to pay to play online is not gonna sit well with anyone. I wish people would of spoke up when Sony announced it. I wish people would of spoke up when ms announced it. Having to pay a sub to play the other half of a $60+ game is rediculous no matter how you spin it.

Fez1496d ago

It's true. Even though Plus is amazing value Sony shouldn't force everyone who wants to play online to join Plus.

They obviously saw how much money MS was making from Live and how willing people were to pay for it so you can understand why they did.

They have the right to do it, but if they were really all about the gamers they would give people the choice. A lot of $60 games are heavily MP focused now so a lot of that content is now behind a paywall.

At least PSN should get better for everyone, providing Sony reinvest that money into the service.

SegaSaturn6691496d ago

Spain's love hate relationship with it's disastrous economy.

reaper241496d ago

I don't think they have much love for their disastrous economy.

Nekroo911496d ago

Since when you become an economist? Spanish economy is growing the main problem is unemployment.

The same goes to Portugal where the main problem is national debt. just like what is happening in US

and Ireland crises was caused by stupid bank investements

MasterCornholio1496d ago

A mi me encanta Playstation Plus. Para mi es uno de los mejores servicios para una consola porque trae una cantidad de juegos increíbles al consumidor que lo tiene.

I'm Spanish and I don't mind paying for the service due to the amount of games that you get with it.

Mega241496d ago

and the discounts, and full game trials.

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The story is too old to be commented.