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Spain’s Love/Hate Relationship with PlayStation Plus

GamerFitNation: Spain, a country that has heavily favored PlayStation for years, was patiently waiting the PlayStation 4′s arrival on Nov. 29. Lot of gamers heard the rumors about Sony and PlayStation Plus — rumors that gamers were not going be able to be played online without a subscription to PlayStation Plus. -Soraya Perez (PS3, PS4)

DeadRabbits  +   92d ago
Que? PS Plus Mucho Awesomemo
WeAreLegion  +   92d ago
I don't get it. What's different about Spanish consumers? We learned at E3 that Plus would be required for online play, too.

Is this article necessary?!?
webeblazing  +   92d ago
How bad Spain economy is right now and now you have to pay to play online is not gonna sit well with anyone. I wish people would of spoke up when Sony announced it. I wish people would of spoke up when ms announced it. Having to pay a sub to play the other half of a $60+ game is rediculous no matter how you spin it.
Fez  +   92d ago
It's true. Even though Plus is amazing value Sony shouldn't force everyone who wants to play online to join Plus.

They obviously saw how much money MS was making from Live and how willing people were to pay for it so you can understand why they did.

They have the right to do it, but if they were really all about the gamers they would give people the choice. A lot of $60 games are heavily MP focused now so a lot of that content is now behind a paywall.

At least PSN should get better for everyone, providing Sony reinvest that money into the service.
SegaSaturn669  +   92d ago
Spain's love hate relationship with it's disastrous economy.
reaper24  +   92d ago
I don't think they have much love for their disastrous economy.
Nekroo91  +   92d ago
Since when you become an economist? Spanish economy is growing the main problem is unemployment.

The same goes to Portugal where the main problem is national debt. just like what is happening in US

and Ireland crises was caused by stupid bank investements
MasterCornholio  +   92d ago
A mi me encanta Playstation Plus. Para mi es uno de los mejores servicios para una consola porque trae una cantidad de juegos increíbles al consumidor que lo tiene.

I'm Spanish and I don't mind paying for the service due to the amount of games that you get with it.
Mega24  +   92d ago
and the discounts, and full game trials.
Kaini_Industries   92d ago | Immature | show | Replies(2)
il-JumperMT  +   92d ago
Lol in Malta PS4 is still not released and there is no PS Store here so no PS Plus.

That did not stop me from buying it from UK and making UK account on my relatives.
Mega24  +   92d ago
This article is really crappy, I mean, this was explained since the february revel, how can you not have learned that after pre-ordering the console and waited almost a year to get it. It was addressed in E3 and even Gamescom, like where do this people get their info from, their news paper?

Another thing, they are bitching they got 14 day trials and US got 30 days, hell I didn't get plus with my ps4, I just bought 1 year and got happy with all the free games, I didn't know Sony was giving away so many games with their PS+ service. When I learned about it I went and bought PS+ and downloaded Dragons Dogma and Grid 2.
Hicken  +   92d ago
Nowhere in the article is there even a breakdown of the "love-hate" dichotomy. It's talking about stuff we already know, not giving any real examples on either side, and treating the entire thing as if Spain is singly affected.

Seems like a "slow news day" article.
Dwntwn  +   92d ago
But Spain is the sonyest country in the world.
DonMingos  +   92d ago
You mean Portugal
Angerfist  +   92d ago
To be honest, Spain has bigger things to worry about if they don't wanna be the next Greece. On PS4 People need a subscription for online, if you can't afford that how do people buy the console in the first place.
Mega24  +   92d ago
I remember the excuse some sony fanboy made saying "Xbox sucked because you had to pay to play online" which at the time was $7 to play online, and access early demos, MS raised the price to $10 when they added party chat, and some apps like Crackle and a few others. I almost never had problems with XBL, a paid service is way better then a free. When I found out PS+ gave me free games monthly, I was surprised, just $5 for free current games.
Angerfist  +   92d ago
idk where people get those 7-10$ a month Xbox Live but on ebay you pay 40 tops for a whole year.
GraveLord  +   92d ago
No ones going to buy a PS4, find out they needs PS Plus to play online and say "**** it, i'll get a wii u".

People will pay up.

**** = Very bad word. Sorry 13-year olds. Censorship is the future.
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FITgamer  +   92d ago
Sucks, but that how it when your on website sponsored by TBN.
bryam1982   92d ago | Immature | show | Replies(2)
BLACKBIBLE  +   92d ago
She's speaking from what the current trend is in Spain. 1st you have to remember the culture difference between the US and others are huge in gaming. Most Gamers like yourself take what they learn from how the US consumer works and tried to apply it to the world. This is the wrong approach She's simply pointing out the fact that Gamer in "Spain" love playstation but are not a fan of PS+. This is her Culture and she's sharing it with us.
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admiralvic  +   92d ago
Their culture is not that different than our culture. A lot of US and other EU gamers had the same conflict of interest. Some people thought it was BS that Sony was charging for online, but others said the IGC offsets the cost and or were already paying for the IGC (the exact same thing this article talks about). There is nothing unique about Spain, thus there isn't anything to learn about other cultures.
webeblazing  +   92d ago
Its funny people not liking that they have to pay for online and Sony fanboys bashes a whole country. Saying a lot of disrespectful things in this article post.

And people sit here and say Sony fanboys are not the worst on this site. We need the open zone back, so at least it won't be this bad what do the mods do on this site.
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Hicken  +   92d ago
You made the same weak argument on the actual site.

I'll refer you to my response there, with a brief summary for those who haven't or won't visit the site:

What culture difference is there that's so huge? Do they not keep up with gaming news? The few things she gets correct in the article are issues addressed long before the PS4 was released. There is nothing different about how Spanish gamers reacted than the gamers of any other country: some were not happy, some understood.

An editor on staff would have seen the inaccuracies- and the extremely late nature- of this article and either rejected it outright or at least cleaned it up a bit. I understand she's one of your people and all, but defending a poor article doesn't change how bad it is.

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