Top 3 Things the Xbox One Needs to do Better in 2014

Microsoft’s Xbox One is almost two months old and has been purchased by more than 3 million gamers. For the most part it is a solid next-gen console that offers a great mix of entertainment options in addition to the usual gaming fare. When it comes to new technology like the Xbox One there’s always going to be a bit of learning curve for the developer to nail down the marriage between the software and hardware. As a result a few issues may rear their ugly head during the honeymoon period that slightly hamper the overall experience.

In regards to the Xbox One there are three areas in particular where it needs to improve in 2014 to make it an even better next-gen console. All of these suggestions can probably be implemented through a software update, and at least one of them is already in the works, so it’s not like the fixes are pie-in-the-sky type of operations.

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TomShoe1588d ago

For TLDR purposes:

1. Faster Game Installs and Loading

2. More Robust Social Sharing and Streaming

3. System Stability

1588d ago
NovasRevenge1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

4. let me use my fightstick and stop forcing us th pay nearly 200 pound for one i dont want. yes i know i can use a controller, but it sucks.

6. let me controll my pins ALL OF THEM, i want to organize them how i like.

Mikefizzled1588d ago

2 should be sorted before March as Whitten said its high priority to get it together for the launch of Titanfall.

3 Might be part of the Threshold update across all Microsoft platforms.

nigelp5201588d ago

New SKU that allows players Play Original and Xbox 360 games and XBLA games and removable HDD

I_am_Batman1588d ago

That isn't possible without the X1 getting more expensive. The last thing MS wants to do is to widen the price gap between the X1 and the PS4.

Goku7811588d ago

Everything if they don't wanna be the next Sega.

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