The Stargate curse continues as Arkalis Interactive disappears

It looks like the Stargate franchise has taken down another development studio, the studio this time are the Andorra based studio, Arkalis Interactive developers of the Stargate mobile episodic series, Stargate SG1: Unleashed.

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jackanderson19851680d ago

they could make an epic MMORPG or SP outta this game but it's killed so many studios now... i'm upset it's gone nowhere

supremeaaron1680d ago

Stargate suits nearly any video game genre, but I feel that MGM might give up on trying to get the franchise into the video game market. Both Stargate Worlds (the alpha/beta)and Stargate Resistance were both relatively good games that were really hurt by lack of advertisement.

I personally never played SG1 Unleashed, so I'm not sure what it could have or couldn't have been.