Branching Dialogue: Titanfall (12 Angry Gamers)

Game-Smack Ireland: On this week's Branching Dialogue, Jason talks about the criticism Respawn's Titanfall has been facing following the announcement that the game will feature 6 V 6 multiplayer. A lot of people seem to think that bigger is always better. Probably not.

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Drive-By-Stabba1562d ago

I personally don't really understand if I'm honest. If it will have 64 players (6v6 and the rest being A.I.), why couldn't they say for example cut down the amount of A.I. and boost the amount of actual players?
Don't get me wrong, I am buying this game regardless of the 6v6 as I'm not bothered myself about the numbers on my team or interested in things like Clans (assuming you can have a clan in this game) but until I have this game in my hands and have actually played it I'm reserving judgement. It does look phenomenal.

MysticStrummer1562d ago

Good video. I wasn't interested in the game before the player count thing emerged, so the news doesn't impact me at all. I'm not a fan of most online shooters, mainly because they're largely very similar to each other, but big maps and high player count does tend to make me more interested. It's funny that he used MAG as an example of bigger not being better, because that was my favorite online shooter on PS3, with Warhawk being a close second and BF3 being third. I like that feeling of being in a real battle with lots of people, and small maps with few players doesn't do that for me. Having lots of bots running around is ok if you can't fill a room, but it's not as good as having real players in the world and for me it's substantially more irritating to be killed by a bot than another player. The fact that TF is made by the same people behind CoD, which I find to be really boring as an online game, just turns me off more.

But, lots of people buy CoD every year so I don't see the player count thing as a huge problem for the game.

Mega241562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

I love how this Gaming news and Jornos wannabe speak about this topic, most people I've talked to, friends, family, and random strangers on online or at gamestop have the same issue with it, its not that the game is 6v6, its that the game is 6v6 with about 40 to 50 AI's playing too. Comparing this game to high player count games like MAG/BF4/PS2 or low player count like Halo/Gears/CoD is not the same, those games don't have AI's replacing players. Halo is 8v8, 5v5 but it doesn't have freakin' 50 ai players running around.

Will see if this plan back fires on them or if it works out great, but atm from every gameplay trailer, the game looks a bit empty, only the announcement trailer show action and I'm a bit afraid of that, that it just might be a CoD like game with robots in it.

MysticStrummer1562d ago

Yeah I have yet to see any footage that shows all those AI being involved. though since I don't want the game I don't look for footage. It does look pretty empty to supposedly have that many AI along with the players. A CoD like game with jetpacks and big robots will probably do great, but it doesn't interest me.

DeadlyFire1562d ago

New game made by creators of Call of Duty and the infamous 6v6 formula that has worked with every Call of Duty to date. hmm... Yeah I kinda don't see the problem really. They are adding more with all the AI to make it feel more alive. Which could be a great thing for the game. They are building inside their safe zone of what they KNOW works and sells. I can't wait to see Titanfall and its future titles.

Some people really just want the biggest battlezones possible. Which so far only Planetside has that really. I personally wouldn't mind someone pushing a 128 or more player game out there now with the new gen.