Haze demo - impressions

VG247 downloaded the Haze demo yesterday. At last, we could actually play the game free from all the exclusivity shenanigans; free from the talk of the how's and why's of the delay; free from all the politics - it was just us and the game. Finally. Is it any good?

See after the link.

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Hatchetforce3869d ago

"However given the nature of the AI, we doubt you’ll have the same experience twice, which in itself gets a double thumb-up from us."


SeanScythe3869d ago

Sounds like they forgot about the instant splitscreen by your friend with a second controller pressing start. I had a lot of fun with this me a my friend both grabbed a controller he hit start and he took over one of my AI team mates. We both OD and went on a killing spree. Lol it was good fun.

jamesjohns3869d ago

The demo was a$$ i thought resistance was better to me. I guess we'll see what it's really like when the game is finished.

pwnsause3869d ago

I just played the demo, sure its not graphically impressive, but I really like the gameplay. it was sweet.

PoSTedUP3869d ago

the game tells you that its visually nothing like the final copy.(not being rude just letting you know if you didnt see were it says that)

TheEndzor3869d ago

grrr im in the middle of upgrading my 60bg ps3 to a 320gb hardrive

i will download this asap!!

PLiPhaze3869d ago

One of my screws was an absolute B**** to get out tho

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The story is too old to be commented.