Civilization: The franchise that stood the test of time

Like all good stories it starts with the unknown; some intrepid group of individuals exploring the boundaries of existence. Except the unknown here is not just a country, ruin or scientific theory - it’s the entirety of human history from the Stone Age to the Information Age, stone huts to metropolises, bronze-tipped arrows to Giant Death Robots. It is the tale of humanity’s progression from barbarism to Civilization and the entire thing is written by you.

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KrisButtar1680d ago

BtS is one of my favorite games. I'm not a great player but I do well enough. I disliked most of the mechanics in Civ5 and feel like it was a downgrade from BtS. I will give Civ6 a chance, but worried it will follow Civ5 to much. Civ5 was one of the worst purchases I have made when it comes to VideoGames.