No Man's Sky To Have Responsive, 60 FPS "Console Gameplay"

Sean Murray reiterates that a key element of No Man's Sky will have to be responsiveness, which he defined as "60 FPS console gameplay".

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odderz1645d ago

60FPS sounds good! Let's hope it's 1080p too! Or, failing that, 900p upscaled? I'd settle for that...

Alexious1645d ago

Graphics doesn't seem extremely complicated, but then again it's a huge seamless universe. We'll see.

kaiserfranz1645d ago

Yeah, it also depends on how much physics heavy the game is, in terms of destruction.

cemelc1645d ago

The game is made by an indy developer, a good one but still an indy.

frostypants1645d ago

@Alexious: EXACTLY. People need to remember that graphics are a balance. Higher framerates and resolution come at the cost of other graphical assets. If they can pull it off with the visuals we've seen and with all that is supposedly going on in this game, I'll be pleasantly surprised. It really does look like a great game. Fingers crossed for this game in general...the more I see the more excited I get for it.

MestreRothN4G1645d ago

To keep at 60 fps I'd happily give up on 1080 and even 900p!

720p60hz is great for me!

frostypants1645d ago

For me, 1080P vs. 720P becomes a lot more noticeable in flight and racing games, because you need to see small details off in the distance.

GutZ311645d ago

I'll buy it now if they put a link up.

Septic1645d ago

So excited for this. Extremely talented people behind this project.

XiSasukeUchiha1645d ago

1080p 60FPS nice hopefully xbone no 900p

bumnut1645d ago

Do you have any friends? You post crap in every single article on here so Im going to guess that you don't

Summons751645d ago

Didn't they loose all the work they had in a flood, how did they catch up so fast, did they have a backup because they would make sense...

GutZ311645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Cloud Storage never gets flooded. Only drizzle...

isarai1645d ago

to work on something professionally and not have offsite backup would be the dumbest mistake anyone could do. in college this mentality of OCD backups is drilled into your skull, so yes they had backups, and i'm VERY glad they did :)

Summons751645d ago

well I know that lol I just remember reading rumors that they didn't have a backup during that chaos and didn't see much after that so I wasn't aware. Glad they did too.

I was also drilled in school to have multiple backups of everything I do...It's funny when I find old hard drives or thumbdrives in storage with all my saves and look back and see how awful my high school work was.

isarai1645d ago

yeah i was worried about the "Silence" afterwards aswell but yesterday they said on their twitter account that they are still working on it (only time i've ever used twitter)

webeblazing1645d ago

Naw they was talking about how their office and equipment got damage in the flood.

Alexious1645d ago

They never said they lost the work, only the hardware they were using.

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