Most Anticipated Games of 2014 – Dark Souls 2

TechRaptor - Dark Souls is my (Stephen Gillespie) favourite game of all time, so it’s not really surprising that I’m really looking forward to Dark Souls 2. However as a fan of distinct follow ups, or new games rather than similar sequels, Dark Souls 2 had to do more than exist to pique my interest. Dark Souls is (in my opinion) the best thing ever, but it already exists. Dark Souls 2 excites me because of the way it diverges from the original, recapturing the appeal of the first game rather than just recreating what came before.

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CrashJones1589d ago

I can...not...wait...much...long er...

But I will!!!

So stoked for this game.

As a newcomer to Dark Souls, I have owned the game for almost 5 weeks, one of the things I am looking forward to most... being a part of the game from day one.

I already have my collectors edition ordered.

The feeling towards this game that most resembles feelings from my past, goes way back into my youth.

I was loving Ultima III(which I did not complete), after completing Ultima II, when I heard that Ultima IV: The False Prophet was coming. I remember devouring any news about it that I could.... and oh the screen shots, from magazines were so precious. The game looked beautiful. It also came with a cloth map, which I adored. I remember looking at that thing for hours, my vivid child's imagination conjuring up images of exploration, and what was to come.

While Dark Souls 2 does look nicer then Dark Souls 1, it is the game play and the world that has drawn me in. I have become a lore hound. I love the community that has sprung up around the Souls Series. Thus, being a part of this from the beginning is a big thing for me, as I am confident From Software will deliver again. I currently own Demon's Souls, but will wait until I have completed Dark before getting into it. I did play it enough to know I will enjoy it.

A lot of "next gen" titles to look forward to in 2014, yet it is this PS3 title that I anticipate the most. Somewhat ironic I guess, but not really. With how far developers have come in regards to PS3's & 360's it's not really that surprising.

If/when there is a Dark Souls 3 or Demon's Souls 2... I'm guessing they will be "next-gen", and I'm pretty sure they will be day one purchases for me.

DoctorJones1589d ago

Dark Souls 2 is my most anticipated game of the year, I've been counting down the days since the release date was announced. Demons Souls and Dark Souls were my favourite games from the last gen, just the most amazing games to play, there's nothing else like them.

The waiting is getting unbearable really.

CrashJones1589d ago

No doubt made much easier for me, in that I am still on my first play through of Dark Souls.

I haven't faced any of the DLC bosses yet... but aside from those, have defeated all but the 4 lord bosses, and the Grande Finale.

DoctorJones1589d ago

Dark Souls has the holy grail of DLC - It's actually worth it and adds to the game. Not only are the areas as good or better than the areas in the main game but the bosses are also some of the best in the game.

I wish I could be you really lol, going through it for the first time. You'll love it dude, seriously.

CrashJones1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

It will probably be mine as well. As I have said, if at the end of 2014, I have logged more hours in any game than Dark Souls 2... I would be surprised.

That would be a pretty good indication of which game I enjoy the most I think.

I could be surprised though. There are some fine titles coming this year... it's just that, if they grab my gaming hours, will they have time to catch up with Dark.

Dark Souls, I am only 5 weeks in, is the only game I reach for pretty much. Unless I'm tired, then I'll play something "lighter"... but that's even changed in that I've created alts.
With knowing as much about the game as I do through my main... my two alts are pretty powerful, for their level. The equipment, and my experience make it so.

Great design, and great replay value, due to that design and builds... it may be the game that most challenges Dark Souls 2 for my gaming hours. :)

Gamer-401589d ago

Good game, but The Witcher 3 much better.

BlackTar1871589d ago

Or i don't know maybe its better to you and not everyone else. I dunno that can't be it can it?

Gamer-401589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Dark Souls series simply a dungeon crawl type games.

The Witcher series is a complex, huge, very nice hardcore RPG. (TW3 huge open world).

100% Witcher 3 much better game than DS2. 100%.

[email protected]

I no "think", i know.

Swiggins1589d ago

If you think Dark Souls is a dungeon crawler, you're doing it wrong.

Captain Qwark 91589d ago

idk about that. dark souls and the witcher 2 are my fav games last gen ( along with mass effect series and dragon age ) but i did like dark souls better. as far as the next two W3 and DS2, could go either way. one thing is for sure though, they will both be amazing and i dont have to choose one or the other. ill play and enjoy both more than anything else. they are also so completely different that they can hardly be compared

Gamer-401589d ago

Most Anticipated Games of 2014 – Dark Souls 2.

The title friend, the title. This not 100% true, that's the problem. Far from being authentic.

Gametrailers and NeoGaf Most Anticipated Game of 2014: The Witcher 3. Where are these News?

BlackTar1871589d ago

Good Response Captain. This Gamer guy isn't quite understanding the concept of Fact and Opinion.

BlackTar1871589d ago

LOL at your conveyance of opinion as some sort of fact.

Im not sure you're playing Dark Souls right and i don't think you understand the difference between opinion and fact.

frostypants1589d ago

Not even remotely similar games.

BlackTar1871589d ago

But but but they both have swords.

cpayne931589d ago

The witcher might have better a storyline, but few games if any can match the souls games in gameplay.

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Gamer-401589d ago

Gametrailers and NeoGaf Most Anticipated Game of 2014:

The Witcher 3.


Tex1171589d ago

You really are kind of an idiot aren't you?

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