Monster Savings To Be Had On Nintendo UK's Online Store, But You'll Want To Be Quick

Nintendo's online store has gone discount-crazy, with many leading 3DS and Wii U games being sold for much less than the RRP — although it's worth pointing out that these are digital downloads and not physical copies.

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Neonridr1527d ago

crazy, wish Nintendo NA would follow suit..

Toon_Link1526d ago

If they do I got some Christmas money sitting around doing nothing.

Kennytaur1526d ago

Nintendo should hold a 24h sale or something with prices like this, would make for a fair bit of marketing.

Rockefellow1526d ago

This has been fixed already, yet it'll still sit here in the News section, confusing everyone for hours upon hours. At least update it for those poor, sad souls who go running to their Wii U or 3DS for these discounts, only to be disappointed.

Nevers0ft1526d ago

There's nothing quite as frustrating as watching this unfold and then get resolved while stuck at my desk and unable to take advantage... Congrats to everybody who managed to grab a bargain - I hate you ;)