Cards & Dice & Tabletops: The Witches

"So far in Cards, Dice & Tabletops all of the games we have looked at require players to play with or against. But just for a second think about a game where the board is also in essence a player. I’m talking about a game where the board has certain tasks to carry out. These can lead to chain reactions, the game ending and, in some cases, scenarios where nobody wins except the evil piece of cardboard in the centre of the table. Sound intriguing? Well, I’m glad to report that this concept is not simply my imagination running wild. Elements of this idea can be found in games such as Battlestar Gallactica, Pandemic and today’s game, The Witches. It is also centred around Terry Pratchett’s Discworld witches so it automatically gets some extra cool points." says Calmdowntom

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