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If you are reading this review the chances are you already know if you like Final Fantasy X or not. And if you don’t there are plenty of reviews of the original game out there so you don’t need me to tell you if Final Fantasy X HD is for you. But you might be interested on hearing about how the game stacks up a decade on in this HD remaster.

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HavenDan1680d ago

Great write up! Hoping this comes to the States soon.

kayoss1680d ago

It will be in the US in March.

alejandroelputo1680d ago

Never played a Final Fantasy game on ps2, I can't wait to try this. I was let down by how bad XII-2 story and dialog was, and I started thinking that SE were a joke. With one of the greatest JRPG (from what I hear, I still have not played it) coming now to the ps3, I just hope that this was a leason to Square Enix on how to make games again.

Tapani1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

I play this like 5hrs a day after work (on PS3). I can't help myself but to let everyone know in an obsessive-compulsive manner, that this game has wayyy better voice-overs in Japanese. Also, the overall presentation is very clean and the game feels new again.

I now actually understand the cutscenes much better (the laughing scene is still quite awkward, though). Also, FFX is a veeeery Japanese game: there's loads of bowing, Japanese expressions and animations for thanking and using keigo (humble and respectful, long sentences that are hard to translate and full of cultural vibe) etc.

Spira resembles Japan even geographically: an island country/world, where Okinawa is Besaid, Hokkaido resemebles north of Spira.

I recommend FFX/FFX-2 HD Remaster to everyone. They are still some of the best games in the franchise and this HD port happens to be excellenty done.