The Xbox One’s struggle is a good thing

"The Xbox One blundered into the gaming scene with the elegance of a schizophrenic badger trying to to sculpt a portrait of the Mona Lisa with a bar of soap and lighter fluid. "

Gameondaily discusses why the Xbox One's hardships will benefit gamers in the long run.

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Eonjay1591d ago

It is true that competition keeps the industry alive but it doesn't mean that the competitors can't be replaced by better alternatives (see Sega). I would like to see Steam become a bigger player as it seems to be the only box offering competitive value in the face of the PS4. Microsoft's market-share is ripe for the taking. A more expensive machine should be a more powerful machine. Period.

Evilsnuggle1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Valve dropped the ball on steam machine. 13 different models Is to many. Valve should have made 3 model low medium and high. The lower should have completed against The console market .All the entry model should be 499 the same same CPU and GPU and fully upgradeable. That way developers could optimize for the lower level Steam Machine like consoles .The steam machines are also too expensive you can build a better PC for a cheaper price.

XiSasukeUchiha1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

But Valve Steam boxes are already having a better rep than Xbone even before the reveal at CES and then after the reveal oh damn Steam seems more of a competition for Sony than MS
Competiton is Good:)

Eonjay1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I disagree. I think more choice is better. The Steam machine is intended to provide gamers with as many ranges of configurations as you can get from the PC market. With the Steam Box, you pay for initial performance level and then you can tweak it as you see fit. Also, this does hurt developers at all. Even the low end steam machine will run games at a constant 60FPS 1080P will little effort.

Why should games look the same on all hardware. if you have better hardware, your game should reflect the hardware you invested in.

Grave1591d ago

Limited choices is exactly was Steam is trying to get away from. They are looking to give gamers complete freedom with the console hardware, the controller, and even the open source SteamOS.

miyamoto1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

"You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new."

- Steve Jobs

I welcome Valve's Steam machines with open arms as PS4's competition over M$'s Xbox One any given day!

Steam has done gamers years of great gaming service in what is supposed to be M$ "Windows" platform and that is their track record. M$ did not have the will and passion to support PC gamers & PC developers like Valve & Steam does.

Steam is so telling about what kind of gaming company M$ is. They don't have the will to be of service to gamers & developers.

All they want is take your money because they are giants.

They think out of the depths of their pockets not their willingness to innovate but just steal market share others pioneered.

I do not care which ever between PS4 or Valve Steam Machine comes on top as long as they bury Xbox One to the grave because Sony and Valve are very responsible and credible gaming companies.

I want PS4 and Steam to succeed and Xbox to lose for the greater good of the industry. Thrown in Android and iOS as viable gaming platforms in there for good measure.

darthv721591d ago

Many would say the misfortune MS has received, was something they deserved. i would disagree. The misfortune would only apply if their arrogance were something they made no attempt to rectify.

People tend to dwell on the 'could have been' instead of the 'what is'. Ms made some bold steps in presenting the system they wanted to make and people responded not in kind. Changes came on the heels of a proposed sense of listening but many still say it was to late.

It's never to late to make changes. If a company were so set in their ways then they wouldn't change anything and feel the effects of public outcry after the fact.

the current sales are showing there is a sense of genuine interest from the consumers regardless of the 'could have been' because they are seeing the 'what is' instead.

To say Ms was put in their place by the gaming public is somewhat true and the changes made to improve their systems image have helped considerably. if they stuck to their original, ways who knows what the trend would be like.

Point is every console company has an idea of what they think the public wants and they either release it and hope for the best or they announce it and see the reaction before release. Ms saw the reaction was no to kind and made changes they felt were a compromise to appease the public while not completely closing off their vision all together.

frostypants1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

@Eonjay: "The Steam machine is intended to provide gamers with as many ranges of configurations as you can get from the PC market."

The steam machine IS a PC. That's the problem. The original idea seemed to be to offer something with the benefits of both a console (platform consistency) and a PC (Steam, mods, etc.). But by making it so open and releasing so many versions, they watered it down into nothing more than a marketing badge slapped onto run-of-the-mill PCs. It morphed into something utterly pointless. One could go buy a freaking Dell and install Steam OS on it and have the same thing.

The Steam Box has next to zero mind share in the real world market and it doesn't solve any problem. It's doomed to be a niche player like the Ouya.

johndoe112111591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )


Either you are a die hard microsoft loyalist or you have been living in an alternate reality. Nothing you said there about the xbox one reveal is accurate.

"Changes came on the heels of a proposed sense of listening",
Changes came after the xbox went on sale and no one was buying it.
" The misfortune would only apply if their arrogance were something they made no attempt to rectify".
If you spent billions of dollars developing a device and no one was buying it you would have a "change of heart" too. This has nothing to do with caring about the gamers.
" If a company were so set in their ways then they wouldn't change anything and feel the effects of public outcry after the fact."
That is exactly what happened. They were set in their ways and only felt the impact after the xone went on sale and they realized they were loosing millions.

What people seem to forget is that talk of DRM on the xone started since late 2012 and people were questioning it since then and voicing their disapproval of it. Microsoft had months to listen to the public and change but they didn't.

Do you think the "Deal with it" and "get a 360" comments were just random opinions by one or two people in microsoft? Really??? That was their response to the customers because they thought they would get away with that nonsense. Why could sony have said since February that they were not doing DRM? What stopped microsoft from doing the same?

You think that they thought that the public wanted draconian DRM? All those months before the reveal on every forum and comments speaking against DRM somehow meant that the general public wanted to be screwed? What type of logic is that?

Sweeping what microsoft did under the rug and making up false excuses is exactly the type of thing that causes companies to think that they can get away with that type of behavior in the first place. What makes it even worse is that they have said on numerous occasions since then that they are STILL committed to that vision and it was just the wrong time.

Granted, that seems to be the direction gaming is heading in but after creating such a colossal screwup, that is not the type of comments we the public want to hear.

johndoe112111591d ago


Who exactly is going to spend $1000 or $2800 or $6000 on a steam machine? When the ps3 released at $600 it didn't do half of the sales it could have done because of the price.

The xbox is $100 more than the ps4 and we all know how that is working out for it. who will buy these machines? Who is valve targeting?

The reason consoles are so popular is because of their simplicity. Plug in, buy a game, stick it in and play. Now we are playing games at 1080p 60fps for only $400 and $500. Why do I need a $2800 machine to do that? Even devs prefer simplicity as consoles give them one set of specs to develop for. Why do you think you can get such visually stunning games like the last of us on a limited system like the ps3?

Don't get me wrong, I will be getting a steam machine as I have a steam account with over 100 games but having 13 different steam machines is going to be over complicated for the normal buyer. And like me, most of them will be quite contented with a $500 one.

Only true pc enthusiasts will pay those exorbitant prices for some of those steam machines and the thing is the people who would pay that are the ones who already have very expensive gaming rigs. Why would they pay that type of money again for another one?

More choice is better but it has to be done wisely and right now valve is condemning some of those steam machines to failure before they even launch.

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Charybdis1591d ago

Entering the console industry with a new console is a rather risky proposition. Only companies with the needed resources I can see joining the console market are google, apple and maybe samsung. Sega just doesn't and didn't had the resources to compete with sony.

In many ways the original xbox was the spiritual successor of the sega dreamcast when looking at all the same ideas they took from the dreamcast. The original xbox might have even been backwards compatable with the dreamcast if it was up to Sega President.

UnHoly_One1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

"A more expensive machine should be a more powerful machine. Period."

So to you, the only thing that matters, and the only thing that you are paying for, is every bit of graphical power you can get?

What about features?

The XB1 costs more than the PS4. But it also does more than the PS4 does.

While my PS4 is collecting dust, I'm turning on my entire entertainment system with my voice as I walk through the room when I get home from work.

I'm seamlessly switching between my games to skype conversations or TV, all while still able to receive Xbox Live messages.

I'm changing channels on the TV or pausing playback on the DVR while sitting at the Dining room table or cooking in the kitchen, without touching a remote.

And I'm playing all the best next gen games, using the best controller ever designed.

I certainly feel like I got my money's worth. ;-)

Eonjay1591d ago

If you want those features, than yes, you may see more value in that than in raw horsepower.

Personally, and of course this is my oponion, I would rather get the more powerful gaming machine.

I don't really watch TV, and they have a TV service coming anyway so I would rather invest in the more powerful machine today.

I don't feel that the need to use voice commands requires me to sacrifice power or pay more. Its just not that important to me. I can tell that people who do use it enjoy it and thats cool.

The PS4 is more powerful and its cheaper and thats one of the reasons why its selling so well.. Steam machines are even more powerful than the Xbox but you can get them for the same price.

frostypants1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Enjoy your $300 universal remote with the $200 game system glued to it.

UnHoly_One1591d ago

I'm loving it, thank you frosty.

xHeavYx1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

The One does more than the PS4? Like what? Twitch?.. Oh... wait...
If you mean the snap function, watching tv while gaming, while listening to music, while Skyping, you'll look like this

Many people say that voice command rarely works (Gameinformer is the last one, but I'm sure they are biased, right? RIGHT!?
All those things you say you do with your Xbox I can do with a remote controller and my thumb, so I save $500.

Last but not least, more powerful doesn't mean better graphics only, but I don't expect you to understand that

UnHoly_One1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

So you start out your counter argument by naming the ONE thing that the PS4 does that the XB1 doesn't? For a couple months anyway, then we'll have that, too.

"Many people say that voice command rarely works"

And many say that it works almost 100% of the time. Including myself. I'm not calling anybody biased at all, I'm not sure where you are going with that. Maybe it doesn't work well for everyone, I have no idea, but what I do know is that it works GREAT for me.

"All those things you say you do with your Xbox I can do with a remote controller and my thumb, so I save $500."

Do you have 2 TV's side by side?

Please tell me how you have all of your stuff hooked up in such a way that you can have PS4 messages pop up on screen while watching TV or talking to somebody on Skype.

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hellzsupernova1591d ago

I would not say it is struggling, 3 million is impressive, just not as impressive as ps4,but still a successful console launch

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chrissx1591d ago

Yea its very good that their struggling considering the ridiculous and stupid original intentions m$ had for the console. Not to mention more expensive and less powerful than its direct competition.

Concertoine1591d ago

All of the big 3 are best when cornered. I think xbone will get a lot of good exclusives in the end, like the original xbox

Concertoine1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Crimson skies, shenmue 2 in NA, jet grind radio 2, mechassault 1 and 2, halo 1 and 2, panzer dragoon orta, otogi 1 and 2, deathrow, phantom dust, forza, sega rally, steel batallion and more?

Original xbox had more exclusives in 4 years than the 360 had in 8 years. Why? Because MS had an uphill battle.

hellzsupernova1591d ago

Yeah OG xbox had some great exclusives, I prefer it over the 360 in terms of exclusives

ic3fir31591d ago

you forget, fable, conquer, riddick, splinter cell, kotor, jade empire

Concertoine1591d ago

Thats not including the console exclusives only the xbox could run. Doom 3, half life 2, thief 3, deus ex invisible war, morrowind.
Also a lot of games had better framerate and resolution on xbox. Original xbox is criminally underrated.

MegaSackman1591d ago

I think Xbox One is not struggling, it has and excellent flow of sales, the thing is that PS4 is doing insanely good.

MysticStrummer1591d ago

XB1 sales had a big drop off after Christmas, but the console is still readily available. We'll see how it pans out but that's not a good sign given that PS4 had a similar drop off yet is still hard to find.

hollabox1591d ago

Another hack writer, with over 3 million sold in less than 2 months and in only half the countries and $100-200 more than MS competitors, I don't see how XB1 is struggling. Games so far has been pretty good, I love my KI, surprising DR 3 is good, one of the games I have been very critical about, Ryse is better than expected, Forza 5 is alright, I enjoy Need for Speed better on my PS4. Now is MS is at only 3.93 by this time next year then yeah its struggling.

hellzsupernova1591d ago

Agreed. They have had a very successful launch. It's silly people are so caught up in this attitude.

hollabox1591d ago

Another thing I can't stand with some of these articles is the notion this generation of gaming consoles might be the last. Sales were through the roof from previous generation, next gen is off to an blistering start. MS, and Sony just need to keep decent to great titles rolling or otherwise sales might bottom out like Nintendo.

hollabox1591d ago

Talk about being sleepy and not seeing what I was writing. Meant to say "Now if MS is at 3.93 million sold by this time next year then yeah its struggling"