Splinter Cell is "still evolving", says Ubisoft - next game could be completely different

"Speaking to OXM in our new issue, out on Friday 17th January, animation director Kristjan Zadziuk discussed the IP's future, conceding that Ubisoft Toronto has yet to perfect the Splinter Cell formula."

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CocoWolfie1677d ago

I have a few suggestions up my sleeve if they wanna ask me.. :)

GuyThatPlaysGames1676d ago

The main thing is that it needs to return to it's stealth roots like the original and take that mark and execute crap out also.

Kurylo3d1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

You are so right. They ruined splinter cell. Double Agent was the most awesome one. What they needed to do was improve on the espionage and build on the trust system.. not on trying to turn you into god on the battlefield.

pompombrum1676d ago

Chances are by being completely different is that they'll go in the exact opposite direction and think along the lines of less stealth more action would make it more appealing to the masses.

SilentNegotiator1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

If it's still "evolving", then I fear the next game will be an FPS with all insta-kills and constant action.

Funky Town_TX1676d ago

You don't have to use mark and execute. The small changes are welcome. Blacklist is a good game.

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XiSasukeUchiha1677d ago

I also have few suggestions:)

hiptanaka1676d ago

MMOFTP Splinter Cell incoming.

Anthotis1676d ago

Splinter Cell: Open World
Splinter Cell: Colonial Marines
Final Tomclantasy: A Splinter Cell Reborn

Kurylo3d1676d ago

sounds like every game series now lol...

Don't forget splinter cell: call of duty

Heisenburger1676d ago

My favorite it Final Tomclantacy. Lol XD

Shnooze1676d ago

Let it die. The newest Splinter Cell was god awful, and I hope Ubi is ashamed of it.

bumnut1676d ago

Agreed, wish they would make it like the first two games.

Shnooze1676d ago

Everyone who made Chaos Theory what it was either left or died, or is tied up in their basement being forced to do the Tom Clancy seal of approval sticker on each copy.

Kurylo3d1676d ago

Double agent was the last good one. After that all downhill.

nategrigs1676d ago

I thought blacklist was really good (certainly better than conviction). Too much action for you?

Shadonic1676d ago

i want hardcore stealth, I'm pretty filled up on the whole action thing since that's what i'm getting from mostly every other game out there. It's literally like warfare action, historical combat action, action action, then there's splinter cell changing for the sake of being more action packed like every other title action. I'ts kind of like with Halo. Both series already have the perfect style of gameplay that sets them apart and keeps them fresh and interesting from the rest of the bunch but they keep ignoring that and just go for the same old action movie stuff. When I play splinter-cell I want splinter-cell and that means hardcore stealth not random movie star pulling off some cartoon style weapon of fate mark and execute moves and walking away while something explodes behind you in the background. I want to feel the tension of nearly being seen and the fear that if it move or rush for that guy too fast I may alert him, and the satisfaction of taking out a whole room of highly armored soldiers not with mark and execute and quick park our but with careful and decisive movements. If the new Sam fisher is a predator ( I forgot what they called him ) than the older one must be some sort of Monster that not even a predator would mess with.

kB01676d ago

I wouldn't say god aweful. I just think it doesn't have identity anymore.

It wasn't really Chaos theory, it wasn't really was really a smash between the 2, but not in a good way.

It plays less like a strategy game and more like a brute for game. I mean the consequences (unless ur on max difficulty) are fairly minute.

I mean there were mistakes that I made that should not have been allowed...also I feel like the cover system is way too much in play here...I mean corridor shooter style. I think u need to be a little more vulnerable, using cover mostly for remaining undetected, not just to kill people easier.

Also the customizing of gear is cool, but I think this is a game where too much customizing isn't a good thing. Also colors make no difference to camo. Guns I think should be limited but have more internal customizing (more suppression, less, balanced etc).

I just think it's trying to hard to appeal to the general audience, to the point where ven the general get bored. It's challenging for the wrong reasons.

Also coop is awesome, I wouldn't get rid of it. but I feel like your super over powered in some cases, and the only challenge is the actual limited pathways and not the enemy being smarter.

SaturdayNightBeaver1676d ago

not that bad actually if u play on hardest mode with no idiot help

iMaim1676d ago

Elaborate how it was god awful. I thought it was fantastic.

Shnooze1676d ago

I didn't find the game to have the overall stealth appeal that it should, (which if it's my mistake and it shouldn't ever be stealthy, shame on me.) and that some of it overall felt unfinished as hell. I'll put a video here made by a fellow named Criken. If you had played the original Splinter Cells, and went to look at this, would you really think this is a fitting successor?

iMaim1676d ago

I get how you feel about the direction that the Splinter Cell series has taken but that's a pretty weak reason to discredit Blacklist as "god awful".

I've finished the game on a ghost run on perfectionist difficulty and I can tell you that the stealth is much stronger here then it ever was in Conviction.

Oh and thats a pretty funny video btw. But it doesn't help your point at all cause they're just screwing around and having fun.

Shnooze1676d ago

Eh, I can't praise it at all for being something above a game like Conviction, which probably should've never happened or been a spinoff that wasn't marketed as a full on installment. Hell, would've been better if they'd removed the single player and had the Co-Op segments put off to the side as a sidegame in the franchise. I can and will discredit Blacklist as god awful simply because of the problems it has and the problems I have with it. If they wanted to make a big blockbuster action oriented game as the finale to the franchise then sure why not, but seriously? More? No thank you. This isn't what splinter cell is or should be in my opinion.

DogtagDuke19921676d ago

I agree with you 100% Shnooze. If you ever played the first 3 splinter cell games, going to Convictions and Blacklist just feels wrong. The gameplay is arcady in a sense that you're just jumping and sliding from place to place. The environments only encourage avoiding enemies and slipping past them rather than encouraging COMPLETE STEALTH, reading emails to get codes, interrogating the enemies you can apprehend, hacking doors, using gadgets to disable electronics, distract people, and avoid detection. The old spinter cells encouraged a bit more exploration in each level due to a satisfying amount of side objectives. This is going to sound like im nitpicking, but, in the old splinter cells you could walk at a VERY SLOW TIP TOE KIND OF PACE, and in the new ones, you cant slip by people at all...WHERE'S THE INTENSE AND ENGAGING STEALTH MOMENTS!? The old ones just offered so much more into what it is to be a spy in the shadows, retrieving intel,taking out a target, or planting a bug...and did I mention the new voice actor is generic as it gets? Please, just keep Ironside.

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