PlayStation Exclusive Yakuza Ishin Runs At 60 Fps On PS4, Higher Resolution Than PS3

GearNuke: "Yakuza Ishin is a cross-gen title from Sega. It is coming to both, the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The game also supports remote play on the PlayStation VITA. According to new details, the game apparently runs at 60 fps although there is confirmation of the resolution on PlayStation 4, but it is definitely higher than PlayStation 3."

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ArmGunar1643d ago

Good, at least they made ​​an effort for the PS4 version !

MestreRothN4G1643d ago

Or, at least, didn't ruin it.

My eyes shine everytime I read 60 fps!

Cloudberry1643d ago

There's a "supposedly" insider at NeoGAF said that Yakuza Ishin will headed to the west and not Yakuza 5 (yet?).

DCfan1642d ago

I really hope its true. I might get a PS4 if its true.

WitWolfy1643d ago

How can they not??? The most PS4s are in US and UE anyway.

Cloudberry1643d ago

I hope Adam Boyes & the 3rd Party Relations successfully bring Yakuza 5 & Ishin in English.

vork771643d ago

make this usa release and sega will have won me

PaleMoonDeath1643d ago

I've played Yakuza 1, 2, 3 & 4 so far, I love it so much, I'd love to get this on my PS4, we missed out on the last samurai based Yakuza game, but if this gets a western release, I'll get it.

Some of the best story telling & characters in the gaming universe, I get lost into the plot rather easily, just don't give it a voice over, Japanese with subtitles seems to be the way it should be.

DCfan1642d ago

I sometimes forget the story because just walking in the streets of Kamurocho distracts you. so much things to do. The side quests are the best part of the game.
It is the most underrated game in gaming. Deserves so much more attention.

PaleMoonDeath1642d ago

I get what you mean, I just the whole atmosphere, Blood and gore isn't the selling point pf these games, but when it does happen you know it's serious. Something other games could take a few notes on.

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The story is too old to be commented.