New Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Details: Animals Buddies, Secrets And More

New details have emerged on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, the Wii U platform game launching next month in North America and Europe.

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MasterChief36241644d ago

I want to be surprised, so I'll wait until I buy the game when it comes out in a few weeks before I read anything about it like this.

But I'm super happy to hear animal buddies as part of this article. No longer just Rambi, but more of the classics? Espresso the Ostrich? Engarde the Swordfish? WINKY THE FROG? :D

I'm probably raising my expectations quite high now, but the sole problem I had with DKCR was that Rambi was the only animal buddy :( Hope this is corrected in the new one :D

JuleyJules1643d ago

I want the same thing. I've pre-ordered this as I can't wait to play it but seriously enough already. Release the game and then put out reviews of it. Haven't we heard enough about this game? We've seen it in many Directs, had one just for it and now more articles? There are so many other games they should be telling us about to get the excitement up for the Wii U in 2014 - X, Mario Kart, Bayonetta 2, Yoshi etc etc to name just a few.

Adolph Fitler1644d ago

More RUSHED, UNISPIRED 2D platformers trying to mimic the far superior SNES RARE developed versions.
Grow some balls & take the series into 3D....Just use Naughty Dogs awesome 1st Jak & Daxter PS2 game as a reference on how to make an awesome 3D buddy platformer.

3D.....All these 3DS based 2D platformers & sidescrollers, need to be accompanied by TRUE Mario64 beating 3D platformers. It's like Miyamoto has given up trying to outdo his own magnum opus GEM & realized he can't do better than Mario64, so he's not trying to. Come on, Ratchet & Clank, Mario64, Jak & Daxter, Banjo Kazooee ALL proved how great true 3D platformers are, & all were successful enough to dictate that these new systems should be riddled with 3D platform/adventure games, to go along with the shooters....
I don't understand WHY the 3D platformer is a dying breed...Are they TOO expensive to develop?

I think if a developer could come up with an awesome, innovative, engaging, & FUN 3D platformer on PS4 &/or XBone.......they would clean up in sales, as I can't see that I'm the ONLY one that yearns for a truly awesome, truly 3D platformer/adventure game....I mean, I love my violent shooters & GTA's...But, even being a 39yrs young gamer, I WANT ME A FEW FUN 3D platformers. And Donkey Kong on Wii-U would have been perfect. I'll probably buy this, when it becomes a bargain price...But it would be a perfect game for full 3D gameplay, & I would buy it on launch if it were.

live2play1644d ago

I SEE you LIVE up TO your NAME

Its VERY close minded of YOU to think HOW just because A game plays left to right ITS somehow cheap and LAZY or uncreative

I think it takes even more talent to make a 2d sidescroller feel ALIVE. tropical FREEZE does a wonderful JOB at this. It has many layers an ACTIVE background amd dynamic camera

And funny how you talk about 3D platformers being a dying breed WHEN just a couple OF years AGO 2d platformers were dead

Activemessiah1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Rushed?? dude this has been in development for a very long time and Nintendo is known to polish a game that's been ALREADY polished... You're mistaking them for EA or worse... Bugthesda.

link2Dpast1643d ago

Damn i honestly want to be excited for this and genuinely loved past DK games, i played the wii DK was pretty good but felt repetitive. I dont know but i just cant grasp the concept of playing these games anymore, its weird i can go back and play the snes DK and have a blast but new games in general feel used , dont give that fresh air feeling and i dont believe its because they have done this already/rehash ect... stuff like that but it just not exciting its like a movie you can predict the ending to

REDBEARD1643d ago


Strongly disagree. In DKCR, every level felt like you were doing something different. Every area was alive and you were always on your toes. I like DKCR because it felt very cinematic and you don't see that on any other 2D platformer (well maybe Rayman). DKCR was like the Uncharted of platformers. Rayman and DKC are what platformers should be like: fun and exhilarating. With Legends and DKCTF soon to come out, I don't see how anybody can be tired of the genre.

Loadedklip1643d ago

10 mins stages? That would be super cool if it's that they arr that huge and not just that the writer was dying so much that it took him that long per stage.