Diablo III Listed For Xbox One on Best Buy Canada

X360A: Currently, Diablo III for Xbox One is available to pre-order at Best Buy Canada and Best Buy subsidiary Futureshop with cover art claiming that the game is 'coming soon'.

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jackanderson19851645d ago

hopefully so as it'd let me play with my bro or sis as they've only got the X1

XiSasukeUchiha1645d ago ShowReplies(5)
Mega241645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Can't mods ban XiSasukeUchiha his starting to annoy me, trying to push his fanboy ways to others. If they want on X1 its their choice not his. damn

Digital_Anomaly1645d ago

Pretty sure there isn't a single article or thread on this site that a trolling fanboy won't go into to trumpet their console of choice assuming the rest of us actually give a shit.

Shut your cake hole and play your damn machine and be happy about it.

DoctorJones1645d ago

Some of them haven't got anything to play, so they spend most of their time on here instead. They're so bored that they have to pretend they're not, endlessly talking about how their console is so great while they continue to not play it.

sak5001645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

What console they are sony charity workers. Paid cents for every negative comment they make. Probably makes about 1$ a day. This way in about 2 years he'll be able to afford a console.

Why this idiot is not banned is beyond me.

Mega241645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

the other day I was playing BF4 on PS4, and this kid that sounded like he was 10, kept talking shit to another person in his room like, " look at this awful game" "looks terrible" they said "I prefer playing CoD ghost on the X1, kept talking for 5 matches, talking shit about the ps4 on how it looked terrible and blurry and awful and How ghost looked better on X1, then I just snapped. Told him "Why are you complaining so much about the console and the game, if you don't like why do you go turn on you X1 and play it and GTFO" he just went into an awkward silence, then said" I don't like CoD that much..." why the hell is he praising it so much then.

Is it me or I just don't understand the fanboy logic?

fossilfern1645d ago

Argos have also had it listed on their site for weeks

Dlacy13g1645d ago

Once they announced a PS4 version this was a foregone conclusion in my book. They had already made a 360 version...why would they not make an Xbox One Version.

That said, this is a game I will hold out for a special sale on for the digital version. Its a perfect pick and play when you want kind of game.

KratosSaveUs1645d ago

PS4 version has been announced a long time ago.

Surfman1645d ago

Althought it may comes out on the X-one, i don't think Best Buy would know it before everybody else. Just a mistake on their website.

NYC_Gamer1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

Why wouldn't they?Amazon and other outlets have leaked info before.

Surfman1645d ago

I did'nt know the leaked infos by retailers were real infos, always thought it was mistake or rumors. Anyway Diablo 3 on X-one seems legit.

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